Amusing French Bird's Wilhelm Scream Goes Viral: The Movie You Won't Believe

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Sunday, March 31, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wondered what movie could possibly make even French birds dramatic? Well, look no further because we've got the answer for you. In a recent Reddit video that has taken the internet by storm, a bird's unexpected Wilhelm Scream has left viewers in stitches.

The video, titled "A Bird Wilhelm Scream," features a seemingly ordinary scene with a bird making a rather peculiar sound. The transcript of the video simply states, "Personne n'est pas tendre," which translates to "No one is kind."

As expected, the comments section is filled with amusing reactions from viewers. One user humorously exclaimed, "What movie is this that even French birds are dramatic?" Clearly, the unexpected nature of the bird's scream has left everyone puzzled and amused.

Among the comments, one user expressed their amusement by simply stating, "I laughed." It seems that the bird's unexpected performance has struck a chord with many viewers. Another user praised the sound department, saying, "Fantastic work by the sound guy." It's undeniable that the bird's Wilhelm Scream fits perfectly into the scene, perhaps even better than some of the infamous Wilhelm Screams heard before.

Interestingly, a user made a witty remark, saying, "When doves cry." This playful comment highlights the absurdity and humor of the situation. However, not everyone was completely onboard with the bird's performance. A user commented, "Its fun but so dumb. Fits with the movie (that movie is ridiculous, terribly paced and the plot doesn't make any sense, at least it can be funny, not always voluntarily though)." It seems that the bird's scream aligns with the overall tone of the movie, which some viewers found to be lacking in coherence.

One comment that stood out was from a viewer who recalled their experience watching the movie in a cinema. The viewer and their friends burst into uncontrollable laughter when the scene played out. Their laughter was so infectious that all heads turned their way, despite no one else finding it as amusing. The viewer expressed their love for the scene and gave mad respect to the sound department for creating such a memorable audio gag.

Curiosity about the movie itself arose in the comment section, with one user asking, "Was the movie good? I never hear about it, so I assume it’s just OK?" It seems that the movie remains relatively unknown, but the bird's Wilhelm Scream has certainly brought attention to it.

The video also sparked a discussion about the Wilhelm Scream itself. A user excitedly pointed out, "THERE'S A NAME FOR THAT SCREAM." This user's enthusiasm reflects the joy of spotting the Wilhelm Scream in unexpected places, such as the intro video in Baldur's Gate 3.

However, not everyone shares the same sentiment. A user expressed their dislike for the Wilhelm Scream, stating, "I dislike the Wilhelm scream. I thought it was funny the first time I heard of it, but it just kind of pulls me out of the movie now when I hear it, so I don't like it." This view highlights the divided opinions surrounding the iconic scream.

The viral video of the amusing French bird's Wilhelm Scream has captured the attention of internet users worldwide. With its unexpected nature and perfect timing, this bird's performance has become a memorable audio gag. Whether you love it or find it distracting, there's no denying the impact of the Wilhelm Scream in modern cinema. As for the movie itself, it remains a mystery, but the bird's scream has certainly left a lasting impression on viewers everywhere.

So, next time you hear a bird's cry, remember that even our feathered friends can surprise us with their dramatic performances.

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Top Comments from Reddit


What movie is this that even French birds are dramatic?


I laughed.


Fantastic work by the sound guy.


This fits better than many a Wilhelm Scream that I've heard before. Which is a terrible thing to notice.




lol why?


Its fun but so dumb Fits with the movie (that movie is ridiculous, terribly paced and the plot doesnt make any sense, at least it can be funny, no always voluntarily though)


I'm working on the assumption that this is real which even though every fiber of my soul tells me must be wrong. Even so, a friend of mine pointed out how the wilhelm scream ruins immersion and he's totally right. You can be watching an amazing film that out comes that ridiculous scream. It stopped being an in joke a long time ago. It's not clever.


When doves cry.


I remember when two of my friends and myself went to the cinema to see this movie. Over 3/4 of the seats were taken. When the scene played out we looked at each other, every one of us in disbelief. We really thought we misheard or were going crazy. Long pause, we tried to hold ot back, then the longest, exhausting, breathtaking laugh we had in a long time. We didn't even remeber the dialogue of the scene after that. We just laughed so loud it was impossible to follow. All heads turned our way. No one else laughed. We loved it, everyone hated us. Mad respect for the sound department, best audio gag I heard in a long time.

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