Playful CAPTCHA Fail: The Bicycle Conundrum Unveiled

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

If you've ever encountered a CAPTCHA test while browsing the internet, you know how frustrating it can be to prove your humanity. But sometimes, these tests can also provide a good chuckle, just like the one shared on Reddit that had users in stitches.

The image in question depicts a CAPTCHA test with a 3x3 grid of image segments. At the top, a blue banner instructs users to "Select all squares with bicycles. If there are none, click skip." Seems simple enough, right? Well, not quite.

Inside the grid, a blurry image captures a person in motion, pushing or walking with a bicycle. Clad in a backpack, the person navigates a suburban sidewalk with residential structures, a manicured lawn, and a fence in the background. It's a typical scene that you might encounter on any given day.

But what makes this CAPTCHA test particularly amusing is the interaction between the image and the instructions. As users attempted to select the squares with bicycles, they noticed a playful detail. One user even pointed out, "D*****, that front wheel is barely visible behind his leg. Does that square count?" It seems like the CAPTCHA test creators may have missed this minor glitch, which added an extra layer of confusion and amusement for those attempting to pass the test.

The comments on the Reddit post further highlight the humor and frustration users experienced. One user mentioned how they've moved to DuckDuckGo to avoid dealing with CAPTCHA tests like this incessantly. Another user remarked, "It's a missed opportunity that Captcha didn't ask: Click all cells with a bird in them." The creative suggestions from users showcase the comedic potential that lies within these seemingly mundane tests.

While CAPTCHA tests serve an essential purpose to differentiate humans from bots, they can also bring unexpected laughter into our lives. As we tackle these challenges in our online journeys, let's not forget to appreciate the little moments of amusement they sometimes bring us, even on a fine Friday.

So the next time you encounter a CAPTCHA test, remember this playful bicycle conundrum. Who knows, it might just give you a good chuckle too.

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Top Comments from Reddit


It's a missed opportunity that Captcha didn't ask: Click all cells with a bird in them.


lmao made my friday too


D*****, that front wheel is barely visible behind his leg. Does that square count?


Not only a fine Friday, a GOOD Friday :D


Would be hilarious if it asked to select all squares with a tool in them.


I've moved to duck duck so don't have to deal with this BS incessantly


"Select all squares with birds."

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