Entertaining Video Emerges: John Major Punches the Queen in Historic Incident

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a shocking turn of events, an amateur video has surfaced, capturing what appears to be a drubbing incident involving none other than the Queen and former British Prime Minister, John Major. The video, which has sent shockwaves across the nation, has deepened the ongoing crisis, leaving historians scrambling to rewrite the history books.

The footage, introduced by crisis correspondent Spartacus Mills, has been described as nothing short of extraordinary. "This is not just history happening, it's larger than that," Mills exclaimed, emphasizing the magnitude of the incident. He even went as far as suggesting that history books should be discarded as they now hold no value in the face of this groundbreaking event.

When asked about the potential impact on historical records, Mills responded with a striking statement: "John Major punched the Queen, everything else will be nothing more than a footnote." It's clear that this incident will forever shape the way we perceive this period in history.

While Mills was pressed for a quick summary, he admitted that it was impossible to encapsulate the event in a single word. However, he did offer a sound that perhaps best describes the magnitude of the incident: "Raaaahhh."

Unsurprisingly, the video has garnered significant attention, with numerous Reddit users expressing their thoughts and reactions. One user exclaimed, "FAAATHERRRRRRRR!!!!!!" Another user praised the comedic brilliance of the video, stating, "The Day Today and Brass Eye are so massively underrated. If they were out today, they'd be the biggest thing on TV."

The video has also served as a reminder of the exceptional talent of Chris Morris, who was behind this remarkable production. "Chris Morris! Very very rare to see him these days," one user commented, highlighting his influence in the world of comedy.

The comedic value of the video was not lost on viewers, with one user simply stating, "F***ing entertaining. That was great." It seems that the dry British humor showcased in this video has struck a chord with many, as another user described it as a "glorious and pure example."

Interestingly, some users couldn't help but notice the young Steve Coogan making an appearance in the video. "Is that a young Steve Coogan?" one user questioned, marveling at his comedic talents even at a young age.

As discussions surrounding the video continued, users reminisced about other iconic comedic works such as "Brasseye" and expressed their eagerness to revisit them. "Need to watch Brasseye again," one user exclaimed, highlighting the enduring popularity of Morris' work.

Despite the comedic nature of the video, it's important to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. This unexpected incident has undoubtedly shaken the nation, as one user lamented, "This was the one thing we didn't want to happen!" The repercussions of this event will surely be felt for years to come.

The emergence of this entertaining video capturing the unprecedented drubbing incident involving the Queen and John Major has left the world in awe. As the crisis deepens and historians scramble to rewrite the history books, it is clear that this event will forever be etched in our collective memory. With its dry British humor and exceptional comedic talents, this video serves as a testament to the brilliance of Chris Morris and the enduring appeal of his works.

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The Day Today and Brass Eye are so massively underrated. If they were out today they'd be the biggest thing on TV.


It's that a young Steve Coogan?


F***ing hilarious. That was great.


If pressed for time, can you sum it up in a word? No A sound? “Raaaahhh”


The underground Dentists in the UK https://youtu.be/IMhGUhSNKmQ?si=yNcaKoKZ48GuXmS-


Chris Morris! Very very rare to see him these days.


It's very hard to describe "dry British humor" but this is a glorious and pure example.


Need to watch Brasseye again.


This was the one thing we didn’t want to happen!

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