Wacky Comic Strip: The Confusion of Children's Tattoos Unveiled!

Riley Sundew

Updated Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of comedy, it's often the simplest jokes that bring the biggest laughs. And nothing proves this more than a recent crayon drawing created by a talented 9-year-old. This child's first comic strip has taken the internet by storm, leaving both kids and adults in stitches.

The comic strip features a beige paper background, adorned with a vibrant drawing that showcases the child's creativity. On the left side of the paper, we see two adorable yellow chickens standing back to back, each with their own legs, wings, and a red comb atop their heads. But what makes these chickens stand out are their cool and mysterious dark sunglasses. It's as if they've just stepped out of a high-fashion magazine!

On the right side of the paper, a large brown object catches our attention. At first glance, it resembles a padlock, but upon closer inspection, we notice an abstract and multicolored design on its body. This imaginative touch adds an intriguing element to the comic, making us wonder what this object represents.

Beneath the drawing, we find a handwritten line of text that reads, "What kind of parents let their children get tattoos?" This clever punchline captures the essence of the comic beautifully, showcasing the innocent confusion that children often have regarding the concept of tattoos. The child's handwriting, with its charming variability in letter sizes and spacing, adds a personal touch to the artwork.

The play on words in this comic strip is truly genius. The child's innocent interpretation of "tattoos" as the designs on the chickens or the padlock perfectly captures the humor and wit that transcends age. It's no wonder that commenters have compared this comic to the legendary humor of "The Far Side" and praised the young artist's comedic and literary talent.

Social media users have flooded the comments section with their appreciation for this wacky comic strip. One user even exclaimed, "This would be a great 'The Far Side' strip!" Others described it as "comedy gold" and "genuinely clever." The consensus is clear: this 9-year-old has a bright future in the world of comedy.

As we marvel at the child's artistic abilities, it's impossible not to mention the impeccable handwriting. Some commenters playfully admitted that the child's motor skills surpassed their own, adding an extra layer of admiration for the young artist.

So, let's take a moment to appreciate the comedic genius of this young mind. It's inspiring to see such talent at such a young age. Let's encourage this budding comedian, and who knows, we may witness their name alongside the greats of comedy in the future. Keep up the fantastic work, young artist!

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Top Comments from Reddit


I think it’s really funny! Funnier than most one panel comics I see.


This would be a great "The Far Side" strip.


I got confused for a minute looking for the punch line, but I get it now. Tell them this grandpa approves!


Thats comedy gold!


Your child has nicer handwriting than me!


Very clever i love it


That's genuinely clever.


That’s really good ! Especially for a 9 year old, that shows a lot of comedic and literary talent - nurture it!


This is funnier than all the “Family Circus” comics ever made.


Haha that's pretty funny!

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