Osaka Airport Restrooms Provide Entertaining Instructions for Using Toilets – Unveiling the Proper Techniques

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country, desperately needing to use the restroom, only to be faced with unfamiliar toilet etiquette? Well, fear not, because the Osaka Airport restrooms have got you covered with their informative and amusing instructions on how to use the facilities correctly.

In a viral image making rounds on social media, we are introduced to a three-part instructional sign with pictograms. The sign, prominently displayed in the airport, aims to guide travelers on the correct sitting position and highlight the incorrect postures to avoid.

On the left side of the sign, under the header that reads "お願い Notice 注意 주의," which translates to "Request, Notice, Caution," we see a pictogram featuring a dark red figure seated properly on a chair. The figure sits with a straight back and feet firmly planted on the floor. Above and to the left of the figure, a large blue circle with a white checkmark symbolizes the desired posture, indicating that this is the correct way to sit.

However, it's on the right side of the sign where things get interesting. Two pictograms showcase the incorrect postures with red crosses, clearly marking them as "not allowed" or "incorrect." The first pictogram depicts the same figure leaning forward with their elbows on their knees, failing to maintain contact with the backrest of the chair. The second pictogram shows the figure sitting with one leg tucked under the other, which is also deemed incorrect.

Unfortunately, the written instructions below the pictograms are too small and blurry to read clearly. However, it is safe to assume that they provide further guidance on the proper sitting position in multiple languages, including Japanese, English, and Korean. These instructions are undoubtedly helpful for international travelers who may not be familiar with the cultural norms surrounding restroom etiquette.

The image, which appears to be taken in the Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Japan, showcases the airport's commitment to ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience for all travelers. By providing these humorous yet informative instructions, they not only educate visitors but also lighten the mood, making the whole restroom experience a little less daunting.

Travelers from around the world have shared their reactions to the image, expressing their appreciation for such guidance. One user even mentioned that they encountered similar signs in a UK call center with a diverse workforce. It seems that the need to clarify restroom etiquette is universal, regardless of location or cultural background.

So, the next time you find yourself at the Osaka Airport, rest assured that their restrooms have your back – or rather, your seat! Follow the instructions, sit properly, and avoid any embarrassing mishaps. Remember, it's all about maintaining a respectful and hygienic environment for everyone.

In a world where even tide pods come with instructions not to eat them, it's no surprise that restroom instructions have become a necessity. Let's applaud the Osaka Airport for their innovative approach to educating travelers about proper toilet usage. Kudos to them for making the restroom experience a little more enjoyable and a lot less confusing.

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Top Comments from Reddit


I think any country which formally had (or still has, in some places) squatting toilets on the floor probably has instructions on how to use sitting toilets. "Yes, please sit."


Any time you see these or something else “funny” there is a reason it is there. Wish we had some of these in the US for people who hover.


Last one is, don't do a backflip off the bowl


When I flew into the Osaka airport, in the area right before you went through the immigrations and customs areas, they had the hole in the floor, squatting style toilets that I understand are common in some places in Asia, so this sign isn’t actually as wacky as it might seem.


People who smear p*** on the walls: That won’t stop me because I can’t read.


These exact same signs used to be in the toilets at a place I used to work at (UK). It was a call centre with a lot of Indian/ Middle Eastern employees. There was also a "Please use the toilet paper provided" signs underneath.


I need some of those. One of the bathrooms in my office building always has footprints on the toilet seat


So funny I just saw this 2 days ago in Osaka airport as well.


more like its in most any touristy public bathroom there.


In Paris airport they had signs warning not drink the water from the u***** & toilet. Make of that what you will..

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