Laughable Encounter: Ducks Mistakenly Expect a Feast

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a viral video that has taken the internet by storm, a group of adorable ducks are captured displaying their laughable behavior. The video, titled "So Rude," showcases a person's encounter with these feathered creatures who, to their disappointment, mistakenly believed that food was on the table.

The clip begins with the individual expressing their surprise at the ducks' assumption, exclaiming, "I think they think I have food." The person's affectionate tone and genuine amusement set the tone for what unfolds next.

As the camera pans over the ducks, they eagerly approach, expecting a tasty treat. The person continues to engage with the ducks, showering them with compliments, saying, "Hi guys! Oh my goodness! Hello! You're all so cute!" However, they quickly clarify that they have no food to offer, apologizing for the ducks' mistaken belief.

The video has sparked a wave of reactions and comments from viewers who find the ducks' understanding of English "disturbingly well." One user shared their own experience, mentioning that they make a stop at Beacon Hill in Victoria, where even the geese are friendly. Another playful comment speculates that the ducks may be running from a particular accent.

In true internet fashion, humor shines through the comments section. One user humorously suggests that the ducks will need years of counseling to recover from the shattered trust caused by the lack of food. Another commenter playfully imagines the ducks launching an amphibious invasion, dubbing it "Quackmageddon."

The funny nature of the video also led to pop culture references, with one comment drawing comparisons to the beginning of "Jurassic Park: The Lost World." Another pun-loving viewer couldn't resist commenting on the "fowl behavior" of the ducks.

Some commenters took a lighthearted approach and expressed their desire to set the ducks free. Others engaged in location-based discussions, pondering whether the video was filmed in Ambleside in West Vancouver.

A user shared a personal anecdote about being followed by a flock of ducks while doing electrical work near a restaurant with its own little lake. They humorously attributed the ducks' opinion of them to the presence or absence of bread, referencing a famous quote.

The comments section also featured humorous observations, including one remark about the situation escalating quickly and another teasingly calling out the person behind the camera for wasting the ducks' time without offering due compensation for their participation.

Amidst the playful banter, the video managed to capture the hearts of duck enthusiasts, with one user simply expressing their love for these delightful creatures. However, not everyone was charmed, as one commenter found the person's voice annoying and joked that they would run in the opposite direction too.

All in all, this amusing video serves as a reminder of the unexpected encounters that can brighten our day. While these ducks may have mistaken the situation, their adorable presence and the lighthearted reactions of viewers have certainly made a lasting impression online.

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Top Comments from Reddit


These ducks understand English disturbingly well.


They're running from the accent.


Every time we go to Victoria we make a stop at Beacon Hill at that exact spot! Even the geese are friendly!


You just shattered their trust. They'll need years of counseling to recover from that.


Why would you go without food, poor ducks


Looks like the ducks are launching their amphibious invasion. Quackmageddon is upon us! 🦆


This looks like the beginning of Jurassic park the lost world


Such fowl behavior.


Free ducks!


Is this ambleside in west van?

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