Whimsical Comic Strip: The Genie's Wish Takes a Dark Turn

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Monday, March 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the realm of comic strips, there is one that has caught the attention of the internet with its unexpected twist and dark humor. Titled "The Genie Wish," this four-panel strip takes us on a journey where a wish for hair leads to an unexpected, and rather comical, outcome.

The comic strip begins with a purple genie, adorned with a gold earring, necklace, and a pink turban featuring a silver jewel. He hovers in the air with crossed arms, facing a bald man who, with his brown beard, glasses, and green clothing, seems like an ordinary guy. The setting is a serene grassy outdoor area, with a few trees swaying in the background.

"I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR HAIR BACK UNDER ONE CONDITION..." the genie boldly declares in the first panel, capturing the attention of both the bald man and the readers.

As the second panel unfolds, the genie's mischievous grin widens, giving us a clue that things are about to take an unexpected turn. "YOU MUST MURDER SOMEONE'S BELOVED GRANDMOTH-" the genie begins, but he is abruptly interrupted by the bald man in the third panel.

With a calm demeanor, the bald man, now holding a silver handgun, questions the genie's request. "WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU WANT THE BULLET IN THE HEAD OR THE HEART?" he asks, leaving the genie stunned and slightly fearful.

The c***** of the comic strip arrives in the fourth panel, where the scene zooms out slightly to reveal the bald man firing the handgun at an innocent elderly woman with white hair, glasses, and a pink outfit. As the gunshot echoes, an onomatopoeic "BANG!" fills the panel, emphasizing the unexpected and shocking act.

But before the genie can finish his sentence, he is cut off, exclaiming, "DUDE... I WAS JUST JOK-"

This comic strip, with its dark humor and unexpected twist, has garnered attention and sparked a lively discussion among internet users. Many have expressed their amusement and appreciation for the unexpected turn of events, while others have questioned the humor and the intentions behind the comic.

User comments range from light-hearted banter to references of well-known personalities, adding to the conversation surrounding the strip. As one user humorously remarks, "Is that Northern Lion?" and another simply says, "Egg," sparking curiosity and inviting readers to explore the connection.

While some may argue that the comic strip pushes the boundaries of humor, it serves as a reminder of the power of storytelling and the unexpected directions it can take. It leaves readers pondering the underlying message and the consequences of wishes, even when laced with dark humor.

Whether you find yourself laughing out loud or questioning the boundaries of comedy, "The Genie Wish" comic strip is undoubtedly a unique and thought-provoking piece that has left its mark on the vast landscape of online humor.

So, the next time you stumble upon a comic strip, remember the twists and turns it may take, reminding us all that laughter can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places.

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Top Comments from Reddit


As a bald man. Being bald is really handy, and if anyone wants to look down on me for it. They're not worth my time.


This makes zero sense. It undermines the central concept of genies. They grant wishes they don't make deals.


Aaah yes.. comedy


Where is the humor?


How funny?


Is that Northern Lion?


Add it to the slew of unfunny comics that get posted here






Did I look better with hair? Yes. Do I pull off the bald look just fine though? Also yes. I'm not that upset over the loss.

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