Unconventional Office Setup: Is This Giant Screen a Genius Idea or a Recipe for Disaster?

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Saturday, March 23, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of office setups, there are always new trends and innovative ideas that emerge. One such example has recently caught the attention of internet users, raising both eyebrows and questions. A Reddit post titled "So my boss thought this was a good idea" showcases an image of an office with a rather unconventional setup.

The focal point of the image is an enormous widescreen monitor or television positioned on a beige desk. This massive screen dominates the workspace, leaving little room for anything else. It's hard to miss the black sound bar placed beneath the screen, which is designed to enhance the audio experience. However, what strikes viewers the most is the sheer size of this display and the potential implications it may have for productivity and comfort.

Comments on the post reflect a mixture of amusement, skepticism, and even envy. Some users shared their own experiences with similar setups, highlighting the benefits they found. One user mentioned a professor who used a large screen due to poor vision, enabling them to work comfortably without wearing glasses. Another user confessed to using a 4K TV as a monitor, claiming it improved their workflow and eliminated the need for constant tab-switching.

However, not everyone is convinced of the practicality of such a setup. Critics argue that a screen of this magnitude may lead to distractions and eye strain. They also question the ergonomics of working with a screen that requires constant head movement. Nevertheless, proponents of the unconventional setup defend its cost-effectiveness and the ability to create a virtual multi-monitor experience without the need for additional hardware.

The image itself provides more context about the office environment. To the left of the giant screen, there's a flip-style mobile phone resting on a charging dock, indicating the presence of modern communication devices. On the right side, a black keyboard and mouse sit on a mouse pad, connected to a desktop computer tower on the floor. This suggests that the massive screen may serve as a computer monitor, further blurring the line between work and entertainment.

As the debate on the pros and cons of this unconventional office setup continues, it's important to consider the individual needs and preferences of employees. While some may thrive in a larger-than-life display environment, others may find it overwhelming or impractical. Finding the right balance between productivity, comfort, and ergonomics is paramount.

The image shared on Reddit has sparked a lively discussion around the optimal office setup. The giant screen dominating the workspace raises questions about productivity, comfort, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of such a setup. While opinions may differ, one thing is certain: the world of office design is constantly evolving, and what may seem unconventional today could become standard practice tomorrow.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Bigger screen, bigger spreadsheets


I did this with a 4K tv. Actually worked pretty well as a software developer. Didn’t try gaming on it but it was like having 4 monitors. Didn’t have to alt-tab around to see test runs, slack messages (probably bad), project management tool, documentation, and the terminal I was working in.


You get a document up on that baby and you are seriously looking at that document.


I had a professor in college who had something like this, set to a giant display size. He had terrible vision and this let him work without wearing glasses.


What does your boss keep in the top left cupboard, I wonder.


Both myself and the wife use a 43" tv as a monitor. Yours just needs pushed back on your desk a bit.


My work does this. Don't listen to the people saying not to use this, as it's actually pretty nice. Way cheaper to use a 4k monitor like this, and then use something like DisplayFusion to setup 4 1080s on it. Just make sure to put it as far back as you comfortably can, turn blue light off in windows, and turn the brightness down super far. I worked overnights with two of these and had the brightness at like 7%. Edit: reading since other comments, for ergo purposes, setup your eye level as if the bottom two "screens" are your actual monitors, and have them be your primary monitors. Use the top two for data you won't be primarily using but may need to monitor or look at periodically.


TV as a monitor? Ridiculous! \*glances over at my TV as a 4th monitor\*


Mostly everyone is commenting on the big screen and here I am getting mad at that mouse cable going back and under the desk when the keyboard cable goes across the desk to the desktop. I would be changing that immediately.


I work like this with a 65” 4K and it’s great. I don’t get the joke

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