Comical Comedy Show Moment: Wheelchair-Bound Logan Steals the Spotlight!

Mia Nightshade

Updated Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent comedy show that took the internet by storm, an unexpected and inspirational moment unfolded. The video, titled "Get your tickets to hell right here," captured the attention of viewers as comedian Matt Rife interacted with two individuals in wheelchairs, namely Jake and Logan.

As the video begins, Matt immediately engages with Jake and Logan, asking them about their names and jokingly referring to them as cousins. The crowd erupts with laughter, setting the tone for the comical exchange that follows. Matt playfully silences the audience, emphasizing that everyone is at a comedy show and should expect some comedic banter.

To everyone's surprise, Matt discovers that Logan, just like Jake, is also in a wheelchair. This unexpected coincidence adds an extra layer of humor to the interaction. Matt introduces himself to Logan and proceeds to engage with him and Bethany, another person in a wheelchair, who joins the conversation. The camaraderie and playful teasing among them create a joyful atmosphere that resonates with the audience.

Matt light-heartedly jokes about Logan's potential racing skills, expressing his belief that Logan, built for speed, would win in a race against Bethany. The crowd chuckles along, appreciating the inclusive and lighthearted nature of the jokes. Matt goes on to inquire about Bethany's condition, and when she mentions severe arthritis, he playfully teases Logan, much to the amusement of the audience.

The video garnered numerous positive reactions from viewers, with comments pouring in expressing their delight. One user even laughed in French, highlighting the universal appeal of the comedic exchange. Many viewers appreciated the inclusive nature of the comedy and how Logan and Bethany were treated just like anyone else in the show. It was inspirational to witness Logan's infectious laughter and the joy he experienced being a part of the humorous banter.

The video also received praise for its skillful execution, striking a balance between edgy humor and avoiding offense. It showcased the lost art of dark comedy, with one user particularly enjoying Matt's parking joke, which cleverly incorporated the concept of a handicapped tag saving the day.

While some viewers expressed disappointment in the captions not capturing the explicit language used, the overall sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. Individuals with disabilities, including those with conditions like cerebral palsy, found the video relatable and thoroughly enjoyed the comedic exchange.

Matt Rife, the comedian behind this memorable show moment, has had his fair share of ups and downs in terms of audience reception. Nonetheless, this particular bit resonated with a wide range of viewers, generating multiple bursts of laughter and smiles.

The video capturing the interaction between Matt Rife, Jake, Logan, and Bethany at a comedy show is a testament to the power of inclusive comedy. It showcases the importance of treating individuals with disabilities just like anyone else, including finding humor in everyday situations. Logan's contagious laughter and the positive reactions from the crowd exemplify the beauty of shared laughter and the joy it brings to everyone involved.

So, if you're in need of a good laugh and an uplifting reminder of the power of inclusion, be sure to check out this comical comedy show moment that left everyone, including Logan, in stitches!

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Top Comments from Reddit


This is some very skilled comedy, inclusive, funny, edgy but not offensive. And no-one is lauhing harder than Logan and Bethany.


*Laughs in French*


i will never not love a good oil change reference


This guy’s clips are usually a little more miss than hit for me, but boy, this one was a solid hit. Multiple bursts of LOL.


I think a lot of disabled people just want to be treated like a normal person including having the p*** taken out of them. It's everyone else who seems to get upset about it for some reason.  This was a breath of fresh air. 


I thought it was funny, good bit


I'm very disappointed in the captions not saying F*** and B****. For a video highlighting disabilities it's doing a disservice to the deaf


[does anyone remember that key and peele sketch](


Seeing Logan having the time of his life makes me smile so darn wide


Never been huge on Matt Rife, but this clip is honestly great. Loved seeing Logan and his cousin dying laughing. Great stuff and honestly made me smile.

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