The Zany Misadventures of Bottomless Popcorn: A Journey to the Unknown

Avery Emberly

Updated Monday, March 18, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of comedy, there's nothing quite like a clever comic strip that tickles our funny bone. And today, we have stumbled upon a gem that will surely leave you in stitches. Introducing the hilariously inventive comic titled "Bottomless Popcorn" that takes us on an unexpected journey through the depths of a movie theater snack.

The comic strip begins innocently enough, with an employee cheerfully handing a box of popcorn to a customer, accompanied by the words, "Enjoy the movie, sir! Here's your bottomless popcorn!" Little did the customer know that this seemingly innocent phrase would lead him down a rabbit hole of popcorn-filled chaos.

In the second panel, much to his surprise, the customer finds himself plummeting through a trapdoor located at the bottom of the popcorn box. The employee, who clearly didn't anticipate this turn of events, desperately tries to intervene, exclaiming, "Sir, wait!"

As the customer enters freefall in the third panel, a cascade of popcorn surrounds him, creating a whimsical shower with a resounding "FWOOSH" sound effect. It's at this moment that we realize this adventure is far from ordinary.

From the fourth panel onwards, the comic takes on a journal-style format, chronicling the customer's perplexing exploration within the labyrinthine tunnels hidden within the popcorn. With each passing day, the once clean-shaven customer now sports a rugged beard, a testament to the extended duration of his peculiar expedition.

As he navigates the popcorn tunnels, the customer encounters various challenges. Despite being surrounded by an abundance of popcorn, he humorously notes the struggle to find moisture, resorting to searching for "pools of butter" to quench his thirst. It seems even in the world of infinite popcorn, hydration can be a real dilemma!

Undeterred by the hardships, the customer continues his adventure, driven by the hope of discovering the edge of the popcorn-filled abyss. And just when he least expects it, he encounters a fellow explorer emerging from the tunnels. Excitement fills the air as he exclaims, "Egads! There's someone coming out of the tunnels!" The popcorn labyrinth holds more surprises than he ever could have imagined.

In a later panel, the bearded customer muses, "Have I reached the bottom?" A moment of contemplation that leads to his realization, spoken by a mysterious voice, that his journey may be far from over. The bottomless popcorn continues to test his wits and sense of adventure.

So, dear readers, buckle up and prepare for a laugh-out-loud journey through the whimsical world of bottomless popcorn. Join our intrepid customer as he delves deeper into the tunnels, encountering buttery pools, unexpected companions, and a question that lingers in the air: Will he ever find the bottom? One thing's for sure, this comic strip will keep you entertained from top to bottom, or should we say, bottomless to bottomless!

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Weirdly funny.


Ususally I don't like comics based on a pun or trying to take a common phrase and making it into a wacky scenario. Which seems to be about half of r/comics. But I thought this one was pretty good.


I want this to be an SCP with exploration logs and anomaly reports lol


I love it


Why not just cross post this? Or even give credit? It was put out yesterday and already you’re reposting the whole thing unchanged.


Now to find a comic about popcornless bottoms.

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