Funny Calendar Mishap Unveiled: A Day of D* Hole Repairs Revealed

Harper Quill

Updated Sunday, March 17, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of scheduling mishaps, one contractor's calendar event has taken the internet by storm. A screenshot of a smartphone display has surfaced, showcasing a rather unusual entry that has left social media users in stitches. The image, shared on Reddit, features a calendar event titled "D*** hole repair" that spans an entire day in March 2024.

The screenshot, captured in a dark theme, presents a glimpse into the busy schedule of a contractor known only as "D***." With the time reading "8:02" in the status bar, the image reveals a series of icons indicating signal strength, WiFi connection, battery level, and the current time. On the interface, a left-pointing arrow and a three-dot menu hint at additional options within the app.

However, it's the attention-grabbing calendar event that steals the spotlight. Written in bold white letters, the title "D*** hole repair" dominates the center of the image. Below the title, two lines of smaller text specify the date and time for this unique appointment. "Mon, 3/18/2024, 9:30 AM" and "Mon, 3/18/2024, 4:30 PM" indicate that the contractor's day will be dedicated to fixing this mysterious "hole."

Adding to the intrigue, a child's face appears at the bottom of the screenshot. While its significance remains uncertain, it could be associated with the event or the calendar it belongs to, sparking further curiosity and speculation among viewers.

As the image circulated, commenters couldn't resist sharing their amusement. One user recounted an incident involving a hole that needed drilling, inadvertently causing a funny misunderstanding among colleagues. Others jumped in with their own puns and jokes, referencing urologists, spackling, and even suggesting a ten penny nail as a solution. The internet being the internet, references to unrelated topics like meatoplasty and hidden messages in the image added to the entertaining discourse.

While the true story behind the calendar event remains a mystery, this accidental comedy has brightened the day for many online. As the image continues to gain attention, it serves as a reminder that sometimes, unexpected surprises can bring laughter to even the dullest of schedules.

So, the next time you find yourself navigating your own calendar, take a moment to double-check the event titles. Who knows what amusing surprises might await you?

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Top Comments from Reddit


I recently had to fix some ventilation in my apartment and a big hole needed to be drilled. My dad wanted to be there too so he put in his agenda: MY SON'S HOLE and some of his colleagues saw that. They're still talking about it lol


One. Cut a hole in a box…


A urologist probably has a similar schedule


“The other guy is picturing a girl also." “How is he going to do that with a d*** in his mouth?"


Spackle it up!


A ten penny nail ought to do the trick


you think that’s funny, look up meatoplasty. (Doctor gave us paperwork without saying the name. We pronounced it meat-o-plasty. It’s actually mee-AT-uh-plas-tee but the initial pronunciation got a few looks)


Coincidence? I think not


Hellofa hole to take 7 hours to fix!!


What’s the app he’s using for scheduling? I’m a contractor and need a way to show clients my current schedule and availability. Been a bit more of a hassle lately

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