Among Us Artwork Sparks Controversy: Teacher's Mistake or Cultural Clash?

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Sunday, March 17, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the age of online multiplayer games and viral trends, it's not uncommon to see elements of popular culture seep into various aspects of our lives. One particular image has caught the attention of internet users, sparking a heated debate about education, understanding, and the influence of gaming on young minds.

The image in question appears to be a photograph of a hand-drawn artwork, most likely created by a child. The focal point of the drawing is a red figure roughly sketched in red crayon or marker. Fans of the popular online multiplayer game "Among Us" would immediately recognize this character as one of the crewmates or imposters from the game. With its rounded top and backpack-like structure, the red humanoid stands out against the white background.

To the left of the figure, there is an oval shape representing the character's visor or faceplate, emphasizing its association with the game. Below the figure, two lines of handwritten text are visible. The first line, written in uppercase letters, reads "Among Us," clearly identifying the character depicted. The second line, written in Spanish, says "astronauta," further solidifying the game character's role as an astronaut.

Above the figure, partially visible, are additional hand-drawn elements and text, indicating that the image is likely part of an educational worksheet. The visible text reads "2 - NOMBRA LAS FIGURAS:" which translates to "2 - NAME THE FIGURES." Alongside the Among Us character, the worksheet also features the words "CUBO" and "PALO-" (partially cut off), suggesting that other figures or objects were named in this activity.

While this image may seem innocent at first glance, it has sparked a wave of controversy. Some argue that the teacher who used this image on a worksheet failed to understand the cultural significance of Among Us and mistakenly expected the child to identify the character as an astronaut. Others believe that the child's response, identifying the character as Among Us rather than an astronaut, is a reflection of their familiarity with popular culture.

The comments on this image illustrate the divided opinions surrounding the topic. Some users point out that the teacher's ignorance led to an incorrect grading of the child's work, while others defend the child's response, emphasizing that the character is, in fact, from Among Us and not a traditional astronaut.

Regardless of where you stand on this debate, it serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of education and the influence of popular culture on young minds. As online games continue to capture the attention of millions worldwide, it is crucial for educators to stay informed about current trends and understand the impact they may have on their students' learning experiences.

In the end, this image serves as a vivid representation of the clash between traditional education and the digital age. It sparks discussions about cultural awareness, interpretation, and the need for educators to adapt their teaching methods to connect with students in a rapidly changing world.

So, what are your thoughts on this controversial image? Do you believe the teacher's mistake is understandable or inexcusable? Join the conversation and share your perspective on this fascinating intersection of gaming and education.

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Top Comments from Reddit


They're both wrong. That's the Imposter


This feels like bait… and I’ll bite. Some boomer would definitely find that image from somewhere and think it was a cute little astronaut, use it for a children’s worksheet, then grade it wrong when the kid identifies it correctly as Among Us.


This post is sus.


Puts spiderman on paper and upset the kid didn't say superhero


I’m in my 50s and I would’ve said among us as well.


ok but it's not an astronaut...


Red is always sus...


This is a teacher not understanding what they put on their test sheet


I hate when I see corrected work like this and the teacher has drawn a massive cross through the whole thing. Was it really necessary to criticise the kid’s artwork too.


El Sus

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