Sign Guy's Comical Pizza Parody Sign Goes Viral - Internet Cracks Up!

Zoey Waverider

Updated Friday, March 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of pizza signs, creativity knows no bounds. A recent image shared on Reddit has caught the attention of millions, showcasing a sign guy's witty and relatable message that has left the internet in stitches. The image, titled "Sign guy needs better pay," features a clever twist on the iconic Papa Roach song lyrics, "Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort."

The sign, displayed outside a local pizza joint, humorously reads, "Cut my pizza into four pieces, this is my plastic fork." The play on words and the clever incorporation of pizza-related elements have struck a chord with pizza enthusiasts and fans of the early 2000s rock band alike.

As expected, the internet wasted no time in expressing their delight over this amusing creation. User comments poured in, with one person jokingly suggesting that the health inspector should be called due to the possibility of "Papa Roaches" lurking in the vicinity. Others reminisced about their own experiences working in the food industry, sharing similar stories of singing alternative lyrics to popular songs during their shifts.

The comical sign has also sparked a wave of creativity, with some users sharing their own parody lyrics. One comment mentioned a parody that goes, "Put my life into Jesus, this is my life restored." It seems that the sign guy's clever twist on the Papa Roach lyrics has inspired others to create their own unique versions.

While some users pointed out that similar pizza-related sign parodies have been done before, the sheer wit and execution of this particular sign have resonated deeply with the online community. The image has even led to a discussion about the longevity of jokes and memes, with one user humorously wondering how long they would continue humming the tune in their head.

It's clear that this sign guy's creativity has**** a home run, turning a simple pizza sign into a viral sensation. The image's popularity serves as a reminder that even the most mundane objects can become a canvas for humor and creativity. So next time you pass by a pizza joint, keep an eye out for those hidden gems that might just make your day a little brighter.

To join in on the laughter and see the image that has captured the internet's attention, head over to the original Reddit post by clicking [here]( Prepare to have a smile on your face and the irresistible urge to sing along with this comical pizza parody sign.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Oven baking, diet cheating. Don't give a f*** about the carbs that I'm eating!


Call Health Inspector - They obviously have (\*Papa) Roaches in there!!


Sign guy needs more 'I's.


Man that is poetry, not a pizza sign. Wow.


Why not "cut my slice into pieces"?


When I was younger and dumber I used to walk past a local Chinese takeout joint late at night and rearrange the letters on their sign to spell out “Cat Dinner”. Did it more than once. Probably not my proudest moment but I thought it was pretty d***** funny at the time.


We used to sing this when I worked at Pizza Hut. It was right when the song came out too. Cut my life into pizzas this is my plastic fork. Pepperoni 4 cheeses don't give a f*** if I burn my mouth eating


This is my knife and fork, you peasant.


there was this parody that goes "put my life into jesus, this is my life restored"


Pay the sign guy more? Would it be wrong, would it be right? Chances are that I might

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