Shocking Video Reveals the Wild Roads of Bangladesh: Are Accidents Avoided or Just a Nightmare?

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever come across a video that leaves you in utter disbelief? Well, prepare yourself for the jaw-dropping footage that recently surfaced on social media. In a video titled "Idk which country is this, but I'm going there", viewers are taken on a thrilling ride through the chaotic streets of an unidentified country. While the location remains a mystery, the comments suggest that it might be either West Bengal, India or Bangladesh, judging from the Bengali signs.

The video, which has sparked intense reactions, exposes the heart-stopping driving techniques employed by bus drivers in this particular region. Comments range from sheer terror to awe and admiration. One viewer exclaimed, "I couldn't use the road at all there because I would s*** my pants." Such is the intense nature of the road chaos portrayed in the video.

One striking aspect of the video is the absence of clearly marked lanes. A commenter questioned, "Why even waste money painting lines on the roads?" This lack of structure, combined with the high mortality rate in the region, contributes to the dangerous reputation of these roads. Although many viewers express amazement at the seemingly accident-free scene, others argue that accidents do occur despite what is shown. As one commenter sarcastically quipped, "A lot of people will look at these videos with amazement because there are no accidents. There are definitely accidents."

The video showcases a variety of hair-raising moments, including buses overtaking each other at breakneck speeds. One bus even proudly displays a sign on its back that reads, "All the way first class," leaving viewers to ponder where this daring journey might lead. However, skeptics suggest that the video has been accelerated, making the driving appear even more extreme than it actually is.

While some viewers are astonished by the skills exhibited by these bus drivers, others are deeply concerned about the risks involved. A commenter from the region expressed frustration, stating, "F*** bus drivers in developing countries that drive like this." They go on to recount personal experiences of being rear-ended, nearly run over, and even surviving a bus accident that resulted in life-altering injuries for some passengers. This comment emphasizes the need for stricter regulations and accountability for reckless driving behaviors.

Despite the thrilling and, at times, terrifying nature of the video, it is essential to remember the real-world consequences of such driving practices. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people lose their lives in traffic accidents caused by similar driving "skills." This grim reality should serve as a reminder that safety should always come first on the roads.

The video titled "Idk which country is this, but I'm going there" offers viewers a glimpse into the wild roads of Bangladesh or West Bengal, India. While the authenticity of the video's speed remains a topic of debate, the footage undeniably captures the chaotic and daring driving techniques employed by bus drivers in this region. Whether it's a nightmare or an adventure, one thing is certain - this video is not for the faint of heart.

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Nightmare. I couldnt use the road at all there because i would s*** my pants.


I just want to make it clear that the mortality rate in these countries in high for many reasons, this is one of them. A lot of people will look at these video with amazement because there are no accidents. There are definitely accidents.


Why even waste money painting lines on the roads?


"B****, I'm a bus."


(a) West Bengal, India (b) Bangladesh One of these two, judging from the signs written in Bengali.


The video speed has been accelerated


F*** bus drivers in developing countries, seriously. Never is a pleasant experience and people there just ridicule it off as people being so skilled drivers "nothing would happen" - but statistics tell that every year hundreds of thousands of people die in traffic accidents because of driving "skills" like that. I will never get into a bus in asia anymore, not worth it. (public transportation inside cities is ok though, there is constant traffic jams everywhere so they won't be able to drive fast/dangerous anyway)


Love the sign on the back of the bus "All the way first class", where to the after life?


And I dare to complain about how people drive in Germany… This is madness 😳


Terrible driving but I'm pretty sure that the video is sped up.

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