Hawk Gets Down and Dirty in Crazy Backyard Bath Video

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a recent viral video that has taken the internet by storm, a hawk was caught on camera enjoying a refreshing bath in someone's backyard. The video, shared on Reddit, has garnered a lot of attention and sparked a flurry of entertaining comments from viewers.

One user commented, "Getting his a** game on point," while another joked, "Imagine if this is how humans washed their a****." The playful banter continued with someone suggesting, "Someone please add a fresh beat to this," adding an extra layer of amusement to the already crazy scene.

The video even caught the attention of David Attenborough enthusiasts, with one person pleading, "If any of you are near David Attenborough, could you show this to him? Thanks." It seems that the hawk's bathing routine has captivated the imaginations of viewers, inspiring them to share their thoughts and reactions.

Some of the comments took a more humorous route, with one person comparing the hawk's bathing technique to what happens "when you rip a fart under the bedsheets." Another user chimed in, saying, "You gotta do whatever twerks best for you," demonstrating the hilarity that ensued from watching the bird's unique bathing ritual.

There were also a few bird enthusiasts who identified the hawk species, with one mentioning, "Cooper's Hawk by the looks of him." The video's pacing didn't go unnoticed either, as someone commented, "That's the pace, guys," highlighting the hawk's energetic and amusing movements.

The comment section also featured some unexpected comparisons. One person humorously quipped, "Hey! That's how I wash my balls too!" eliciting laughter from fellow viewers. Another comment read, "That looks surprisingly effective," showcasing the astonishment at the hawk's thorough cleaning technique.

The viral video even drew comparisons to bidet users, with one comment stating, "Bidet users understand." It seems that the hawk's bath has resonated with people who appreciate the idea of a thorough and refreshing cleanse.

The hilarity continued with a comment that humorously exclaimed, "All I can see is that Greek d*** dance..." leaving viewers in stitches. Another user added, "Was so spicy," adding a spicy twist to the already amusing video.

Some viewers couldn't resist injecting a touch of humor into their reactions, suggesting that the hawk was "obviously getting ready for a date." Others playfully referenced popular songs, with one person quoting, "My anaconda don't want none!" and another stating, "Looks like he’s auditioning to be a backup dancer."

In a final lighthearted comment, someone remarked, "That's how you shake your tail feather. Now there's no need to wipe!" ending the comment section on a humorous note.

This crazy video of a hawk enjoying a bath in someone's backyard has certainly brought a lot of joy and laughter to viewers. The amusing comments highlight the creative and funny reactions that the video has inspired. It's no wonder this video has gone viral, entertaining people from all walks of life and bringing a touch of humor to their day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as this hawk shows us how it's done!

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Getting his a** game on point.


Imagine if this is how humans washed their a****.


Someone please add a fresh beat to this


If any of you are near David Attenborough could you show this to him. Thanks


what da bird doin


When you rip a fart under the bedsheets.


Hey! That's how I wash my balls too!


You gotta do whatever twerks best for you.


Cooper's Hawk by the looks of him.


That’s the pace guys.

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