Witty Sign Exposes the Struggles of Dealing with Salespeople

Mason Riverwind

Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

If you've ever experienced the frustration of unwanted sales solicitations, then you will definitely appreciate the humor in this image that has been making waves online. The image captures a black placard with white lettering, strategically placed on a brick wall, conveying a clear message to anyone passing by. The top line of the sign boldly declares "NO SOLICITING," leaving no room for interpretation.

But this sign doesn't stop there. It takes a playful and emphatic tone to drive its point home. Just below the main message, the sign adds a touch of humor with the word "SERIOUSLY!" in slightly smaller but still bold text. It's as if the sign is saying, "I mean business, so don't even think about it!"

To make sure there is no confusion, the sign continues with a list of actions that are strictly forbidden: "DON'T RING BELL," "DON'T KNOCK," and "DON'T MAKE IT WEIRD." Each directive is separated by a comma, emphasizing the placard owner's strong aversion to any form of solicitation.

To top it all off, the sign concludes with a polite "THANK YOU" in italicized text, adding a touch of manners to the otherwise strict and direct instructions. This subtle gesture suggests that the sign's owner is not trying to be rude, but simply wants to maintain their privacy and peace of mind.

The decorative scrolls that adorn the top and bottom of the sign, along with the formal border, give it an official appearance, further solidifying its authority in deterring unwanted salespeople.

This image has struck a chord with many online users who can relate to the struggles of dealing with sales solicitations. In the comments section, one user mentioned having the exact same sign and shared their insights on how sales solicitors often overlook it. Another user humorously asked if yelling "SEARCH WARRANT" and smashing the door in would convince people to buy Girl Scout cookies.

It's clear that this sign has become a symbol of frustration for many, as people share their own experiences and anecdotes related to dealing with solicitors. From Jehovah's Witnesses refusing to blacklist someone to a delivery person standing in the pouring rain with no response, the comments section is filled with relatable stories.

So, the next time you encounter a persistent salesperson at your door, remember this witty sign and the struggles it represents. With its bold message and playful tone, it's a gentle reminder to respect people's boundaries and give them the privacy they deserve. Let's all take a moment to appreciate the creativity and wit of this sign, and perhaps even consider getting one for ourselves!

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Top Comments from Reddit


If I yell *SEARCH WARRANT* and smash the door in...will you buy some girl scout cookies off my kid ?


I have this exact sign, and I've learned a lot of sales solicitors don't read.


All I know how to do is make it weird


“Don’t make me tap the sign”


I feel your pain. In my old neighborhood, I *asked* the Jehovah's Witnesses to blacklist me, and they refused.


We have a sign with this same exact verbage. A solicitor did knock on the door...I opened it. Looked at them...pointed at the sign. They looked at me...chuckled...and went into their pitch. I said thanks and closed the door. I guess at least someone got a chuckle out of it🤦🏻‍♂️


I had a delivery to a well known billionaire in my town. He had this exact sign up. Stood there in pouring rain wondering what to do. Called several times no answer. Then started knocking and ringing away. Best part was the zero tip!


I knocked so many doors with this sign😂

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