Unraveling the Mystery of Facial Hair Styles: A Guide to Acceptable Looks and Historical Trivia

Avery Emberly

Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the world of facial hair, there are countless styles that have come and gone throughout history. Each style carries its own unique charm and significance. Recently, a fascinating image has surfaced, showcasing a collection of illustrated male heads with different facial hair styles. This image has sparked curiosity and conversations about the acceptability of these styles in various social settings.

The image, which features six illustrations organized into two rows, provides a glimpse into the realm of facial hair fashion. Let's delve into each style and unravel the stories behind them.

Starting with the top row, we have the "Whiskers" style. This classic look combines a full beard with a mustache that seamlessly connects to the beard itself. It exudes a sense of rugged masculinity and has been favored by many throughout the ages.

Next, we encounter the intriguing "Mutton Chops" style. With wide sideburns that extend along the cheek line, connecting to a mustache, this style makes a bold statement. However, it is important to note the cautionary message above the image: "(Careful: Chin hair may easily cross the seal)." This raises eyebrows and piques curiosity about the context in which this facial hair style may be problematic.

Continuing down the top row, we come across the enigmatic "Hulihee" style. This unique look features expansive sideburns connected by a mustache, similar to the mutton chops, but with a more defined shave at the chin level. It exudes a certain charm and appeal, but its origins and popularity remain a mystery.

Transitioning to the bottom row, we encounter the sleek "Pencil" mustache style. This thin, finely lined mustache sits just above the upper lip, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to one's appearance. It has been sported by notable figures throughout history, including Hollywood icons and distinguished gentlemen.

Moving along, we stumble upon the "Toothbrush" style. This particular facial hair resembles a small, rectangular block centered over the middle of the upper lip. While it may seem unassuming at first glance, it carries a historical connotation that cannot be ignored. It is often associated with a certain infamous individual from the past, eliciting mixed reactions and raising questions about its acceptability in modern society.

Finally, we encounter the striking "Lampshade" mustache style. This full mustache covers the entire breadth of the upper lip, making a bold and dramatic statement. Its distinct shape and prominence on the face demand attention and reflect a sense of confidence.

As we explore this captivating image, it is important to note that the facial hair styles depicted have both historical significance and varying levels of acceptance in different social settings. While some styles may be deemed acceptable for specific purposes such as SCBA/SCUBA gear, others carry a weight of history that cannot be easily shaken off.

This image serves as a gateway to the world of facial hair styles, sparking discussions about their acceptability and historical connections. From the timeless appeal of the "Whiskers" to the controversial nature of the "Toothbrush," each style carries its own story and significance. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of fashion and personal expression, it is crucial to understand the context and impact of our grooming choices.

So, whether you're considering a dapper pencil mustache or contemplating the boldness of mutton chops, let this image be a reminder that our choices not only shape our appearance but also carry a rich tapestry of history and social perceptions.

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This is a guide to what facial hair is acceptable for wearing an airtight face mask, such as for SCBA/SCUBA gear. I was warned I might need to shave mine off when I first was being trained for first responder at a shipping company, but since I was able to make a seal with it, I did not have to. A toothbrush mustache is acceptable, since it would not break the seal. It is not acceptable in many social settings for well known reasons.


>(Careful not to cross the seal) 🦭🔪


"G*****it, it's not a Hitler mustache--it's Charlie Chaplin! And, btw, the s******* is an ancient Hindu symbol. Stop making it about the n***s. It looks great on this armband."


This is next-level funny because Hitler shaved his stash because of an ill-fitting mask.


The Jordan


The Zappa? Frank Zappa? lol I’m pretty sure he didn’t come up with that style, did he?


This was the chart given to us EMTs in March 2020. ... can't quite remember why or what was going on then...


Without context, I thought these men were wearing the faces of other men. Alternatively, this is what summer 2020 looked like with everyone in face masks and sunburns. 😂


\*laughs in 90s Michael Jordan*


As someone mentioned below, there is no "Zappa" style, that is called the Imperial.

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