Unbelievable Winter Prank: The Sneaky Cop Car That Will Leave You Speechless

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

When it comes to pranks, some people take it to a whole new level of creativity. A recent viral image from Reddit has caught the attention of internet users worldwide, showcasing a winter scene that is sure to leave you in stitches. The image features two vehicles parked on a snow-covered road, and at first glance, they appear to be ordinary police cars. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that these vehicles are anything but ordinary.

On the left side of the image, there's a larger SUV with a blue and white color scheme, instantly signaling law enforcement. What catches the eye is the text on the door in large letters that read "ДПС," which stands for "Road Patrol Service" in Russian. As if that wasn't enough, there is also a circular emblem on the rear quarter panel, adding to the authenticity of the vehicle. But what makes this image truly remarkable is what's happening on the right side.

Standing tall on the snow-covered road is a smaller, white SUV that mirrors the design of its larger counterpart. It too is marked with "ДПС" on its side in blue letters, leaving no doubt that it's a police car. However, what sets this vehicle apart is the zany twist that has left internet users in awe. The image shows a barricade made of snow unintentionally built around the tires of the larger vehicle, giving the impression that it might be stuck in the snow. It's a comical sight that has people wondering if this was an intentional prank or just an unfortunate coincidence.

The background of the image adds to the overall charm and serenity of the scene. With a clear blue sky and electric utility poles stretching across, it feels like a picturesque winter day in a rural or suburban area of Russia. The traditional Russian wooden houses, one of which is located directly behind the vehicles, add a touch of authenticity to the setting.

Social media users couldn't help but chime in with their reactions and clever comments. One user exclaimed, "Dude is playing chess, not checkers. He knows people have gotten used to the fake cop sign and ignore it...then BAM Surprise Motherf***er!" Another user shared a personal anecdote, saying, "On Camp Pendleton, there was a speed trap with a 'hiding' cop car. The side of the car had a highly reflective orange sticker that read 'MILITARY POLICE,' easily visible behind thick bushes. I always wondered if this bad camouflage was done on purpose."

The image has sparked a wave of creativity and humor, with comments referencing popular culture icons like Bugs Bunny and L***** Tunes. One comment cleverly states, "Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting fow wabbits hehehe hehehe." Another user jokingly suggests, "There should be a cop in the passenger seat that jumps out, pulls the fake car out of the ground, and chases the offender down the street."

Whether this image was an intentional prank or a fortunate coincidence, one thing is for certain: it has captured the imagination of internet users worldwide. The clever design and unexpected twist make it a memorable and zany sight. So, the next time you spot a police car on the road, be sure to take a closer look. You never know what surprises may be lurking behind those familiar markings.

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Dude is playing chess not checkers. He knows people have gotten used to the fake cop sign and ignore it....then BAM Surprise Motherf***er!


On Camp Pendleton (Marine Corps Base, Southern California, USA) there was a speed trap on a long straight-away. During the day, they caught people speeding every few minutes. At night though, the 'hiding' cop car was more visible. The side of the white cop car, had a highly reflective orange sticker that read "MILITARY POLICE". The headlights of oncoming traffic would make this military police sign stick out and was easily read, even behind thick bushes. I always wondered if this *bad camouflage* was done on purpose, just to get people to slow down without punishment.


The UNO reverse


"No dude... i swear... the sign transformed into a real cop."


Looks like a 4x4, but it's actually a double-cross.






The Russian economy at work - he's had to sell his spare tire kit for gas.


They're like scarecrows for humans


There should be a cop in the passenger seat that jumps out, pulls the fake car out of the ground and chases the offender down the street.

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