John Cena Stuns the Oscars with Bold and Entertaining Streaking Prank

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The 2024 Oscars witnessed a jaw-dropping moment when renowned wrestler and actor John Cena made a daring entrance onto the stage. In a move that left the audience in stitches, Cena took everyone by surprise as he strutted down the aisle completely naked. Yes, you read that right! The WWE legend casually walked towards the stage, leaving the crowd in awe and disbelief.

Social media exploded with reactions to Cena's unexpected display of confidence and humor. Reddit users couldn't help but express their amusement and share their thoughts on this unforgettable Oscars moment. One user suggested, "Missed the perfect opportunity to paint him gold and turn him into a human Oscar." Undoubtedly, Cena would have made quite the statue!

Despite being 46 years old, Cena's boldness was undeniable. As one commenter exclaimed, "46 freaking years old. Damn." People marveled at his youthful energy and fearless attitude, proving that age is just a number. Another user humorously pointed out, "I don't see a belly button," highlighting Cena's fantastic physique.

The unexpected streaking incident wouldn't be complete without some playful banter. One comment playfully mentioned, "If only Will Smith was there to spank him." The Redditor was clearly referring to the iconic scene from the movie "Hitch," where Smith's character teaches a lesson to a misbehaving individual.

However, it turns out Cena wasn't entirely naked as some might think. He cleverly sported a modesty pouch, ensuring that everything remained covered. A Reddit user clarified, "He wasn't naked. He had a modest pouch on." But that didn't stop the hilarity from unfolding. Another commenter chimed in, "He was hiding his bird, Eagly," humorously alluding to Cena's well-known wrestling move, the "Attitude Adjustment."

Cena's unexpected appearance also sparked comparisons to fellow actor and wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. One user shared their sibling's observation, stating, "They showed The Rock afterwards, and my brother was saying how he bets The Rock is mad that Cena did a funny bit like that. He's supposed to be the only one to have that career path." The playful rivalry between the two larger-than-life personalities added an extra layer of entertainment to the Oscars.

For those who couldn't get enough of Cena's comedic timing, a recommendation came in the form of his latest project, "Peacemaker." The Redditor encouraged fans to watch the show, emphasizing Cena's incredible comedic talent outside the wrestling ring.

As with any viral moment, the internet is never short of entertaining reactions. One comment hilariously exclaimed, "That board is just floating across the stage, and people are laughing? Run. It's a ghost!" The unexpected levitation of a board on the stage added an eerie twist to the already outrageous incident.

Fans of Cena's acting chops were pleasantly surprised by his performance in the movie "Stanicky." A user admitted, "Just watched him as Stanicky, and I was actually surprisingly impressed, very funny." Cena's ability to transition from wrestling to acting seamlessly continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Of course, Cena's famous catchphrase couldn't be left unmentioned. A commenter jokingly remarked, "This time he can't do the 'you can't see me' action." The iconic gesture, which became synonymous with Cena's wrestling persona, had no place on the Oscars stage. Instead, Cena relied on his natural charm and comedic flair to steal the show.

Some users couldn't help but draw comparisons between Cena's appearance and the outcome of a recent movie. One comment humorously stated, "bruh lookin' like he just lost at Rampage..." referring to the film where giant creatures wreak havoc on a city. Cena's confident stride and chiseled physique certainly gave off a larger-than-life vibe.

The wrestling world's influence was evident in the comments, as one user humorously shared, "This is how Vince McMahon entered all of his business meetings." The remark highlighted the crossover between wrestling and entertainment, showcasing Cena's ability to captivate audiences both in and out of the ring.

With Cena's streaking moment being captured on video, it's not surprising that the Reddit community mentioned the popular subreddit r/gifsthatendtoosoon. The entertaining incident surely left viewers wanting to see more.

However, not everyone was thrilled with Cena's daring move. A user humorously pointed out, "China doesn't approve, John going to have to apologize to the CCP again." Cena's previous apology to China for referring to Taiwan as a country during an interview became a topic of discussion, adding a touch of international intrigue to the buzz surrounding his Oscars appearance.

Cena's remarkable physique didn't go unnoticed, with one commenter exclaiming, "Well, with a superbod like that, heck, I'd be naked all the time too!" Cena's dedication to fitness has always been an integral part of his persona, and fans couldn't help but appreciate his impressive physique.

A call for gender equality was raised, suggesting that actress Sydney Sweeney should take on the challenge next year. A user advocated, "For gender equality, I vote Sydney Sweeney does it next year." The idea of breaking societal norms and embracing body positivity resonated with some members of the Reddit community.

Interestingly, not everyone was on board with the streaking incident, leading to the question, "Why?" Some users expressed confusion about the audience's enthusiastic applause and cheers for an empty stage. The unexpected turn of events left many scratching their heads, trying to make sense of the entertaining spectacle.

Lastly, a user humorously observed, "He looks like he's wearing a fake body suit." The impeccable physique Cena displayed during his streaking prank left some wondering if it was all just an elaborate illusion. However, the edit clarified that Cena's body was indeed real, but he was wearing a modesty pouch to maintain his dignity.

John Cena's naked entrance at the 2024 Oscars left everyone stunned and entertained. The Reddit community couldn't get enough of his boldness, humor, and remarkable physique. Cena's unexpected prank has become a viral sensation, with fans eagerly awaiting his next move. Whether in the wrestling ring or on the silver screen, Cena continues to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with, capable of captivating audiences with his unique blend of charisma and comedy.

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Missed the perfect opportunity to paint him gold and turn him into a human Oscar


46 freaking years old. Damn.


I don't see a belly button.


That board is just floating across the stage and people are laughing? Run. It’s a f***ing ghost!


He wasn't naked. He had a modest pouch on. 


If only Will Smith was there to spank him


For gender equality I vote Sydney Sweeney does it next year.


China doesn’t approve, John going to have to apologize to the CCP again.


They showed The Rock afterwards and my brother was saying how he bets The Rock is mad that Cena did a funny bit like that. He's supposed to be the only one to have that career path. For anyone who loved this and thought it was funny, you should watch Peacemaker. Cena is incredibly funny in that too.


Just watched him as Stanicky I was actually surprisingly impressed, very funny.

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