Unveiling the Unconventional: The Story Behind the Sacred Grounds of Applebee's

Mia Nightshade

Updated Monday, March 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a thought-provoking comic strip that has recently surfaced on social media, an intriguing juxtaposition is depicted between the past and the present. This image, consisting of three panels, sheds light on a great battle that once took place on what is now the location of a modern-day Applebee's restaurant.

The first panel transports us to a serene field, where two Native American men stand amidst the aftermath of a battle. The older gentleman, distinguished by his gray hair, gestures towards the land around them. Knives and tomahawks are embedded in the ground, and a faint fire burns in the distance, signifying the intensity of the recent conflict. The speech bubble captures the significance of the moment, as the man proclaims, "A GREAT BATTLE WAS JUST FOUGHT ON THIS FIELD BY THE MOST HONORABLE OF WARRIORS. THIS IS VERY SACRED LAND NOW..."

As the second panel unfolds, the scope widens to reveal the extent of the hallowed grounds. The landscape is adorned with an array of weapons and small fires, painting a vivid picture of the battle's impact. The same elder statesman continues to address the scene, his words resonating through the speech bubble: "FOR THE NEXT 100...200...300 YEARS, ONLY THE GREATEST OF WARRIORS WILL BE ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE SOIL OF THESE HALLOWED GROUNDS."

Fast forward 300 years, and the third and final panel t*****s us into the present day. The caption boldly declares the passage of time, and we are met with the sight of a modern Applebee's restaurant. Its vibrant red and gray facade stands as a testament to the evolution of the land. Two individuals make their way into the establishment, unaware of the rich history that lies beneath their feet. The Applebee's logo proudly hangs above the entrance, symbolizing the transformation of a battlefield into a gathering place for nourishment and camaraderie.

The image sparks a multitude of reactions from online users, with some finding humor in the juxtaposition and others expressing concerns about the erasure of sacred land. Commenters highlight the significance of understanding the passage of time and the importance of acknowledging history, no matter how distant it may seem.

This thought-provoking comic strip challenges our perception of space and time, urging us to reflect on the layers of history embedded within the spaces we inhabit. It serves as a reminder that even seemingly ordinary locations can carry extraordinary stories. So, the next time you find yourself at an Applebee's, take a moment to ponder the legacy of the land beneath you and appreciate the hidden narratives that shape our world.

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Top Comments from Reddit


To be fair, why should we care about a battle that happened 300 years ago?  If we weren't allowed to walk anywhere a battle previously happened, half of Europe would be unlivable.


Lol some would say Applebees houses Americas greatest current warriors Well Golden Corral would have something to say but I digress lol


If it was at least a Taco Bell


Now great warriors can battle indigestion.


More stupidity at [We're Out of Cornflakes](https://wereoutofcornflakes.com)


You should see the amount of arrowheads and spearheads I dig up in my garden 30ft from the house.


Was looking for a Dollar General..


Should have built a Waffle House.


I'm pretty sure that's like the Origin Story of the Mothman


Churchill pub Miami Florida RIP. LOL

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