The Funny Struggles of ADHD: Unraveling the 'ADHDinos' Comic

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Monday, March 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a condition that affects many individuals, causing difficulties in attention, focus, and self-esteem. To shed light on the challenges faced by those with ADHD, a four-panel comic titled "ADHDinos" has taken the internet by storm. With its simple drawings and relatable humor, this comic brilliantly captures the attention and self-esteem issues commonly associated with ADHD.

In the first panel of the comic, we are introduced to a small grey rock labeled "Accomplishment." Against a plain sea-green background, this rock symbolizes the small victories that often go unnoticed by individuals with ADHD. It serves as a reminder that even the tiniest achievements should be celebrated.

Moving to the second panel, we encounter a charming cartoon dinosaur with a content expression. This lovable character, depicted in teal with minimalist details, represents the individual with ADHD. As the dinosaur gazes at the small rock, it exclaims, "This is nice." This innocent remark showcases the genuine appreciation individuals with ADHD have for even the simplest accomplishments.

However, the comic takes a twist in the third panel, highlighting the struggles faced by those with ADHD. The same dinosaur is now lying flat on the ground, staring longingly at a much larger grey rock labeled "Unfulfilled potential." This rock, just out of reach, symbolizes the dreams and aspirations that individuals with ADHD often feel they can't attain.

In the final panel, the dinosaur stands once again, turned away from the larger rock. A thought bubble above its head says, "Don't look at that," as if trying to avoid the overwhelming feeling of unattainable goals. The dinosaur responds to itself with a resigned, "Okay." Meanwhile, the small rock labeled "Accomplishment" sits neglected and barely visible in the corner, representing the overlooked successes that individuals with ADHD may unintentionally disregard.

Through the clever use of humor and relatable characters, the "ADHDinos" comic sheds light on the internal struggles faced by those with ADHD. It emphasizes the importance of celebrating even the smallest accomplishments and reminds us all to appreciate the journey rather than solely focusing on unattainable goals.

The online community has resonated deeply with this comic, leaving comments such as "Hits harder than my procrastination ☹️" and "Relatable 😢." These reactions highlight the widespread understanding and empathy for individuals grappling with ADHD and the challenges it presents.

The "ADHDinos" comic brings attention to the often-overlooked struggles of ADHD. Its simple yet powerful message reminds us all to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how small, and to embrace the journey rather than fixating on unattainable goals. Let this comic serve as a reminder to be kind and understanding towards those with ADHD, as they navigate a world that may sometimes feel out of reach.

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Hits harder than my procrastination ☹️


Relatable 😢 Kinda fun knowing that all my problems are due to my own horrible decisions lol


My way of dealing with this is pointing my analysis paralysis gun at the "potential" and tearing it down brick by brick because it's almost always just some day dreamy impossible nonsense

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