Is Cabbage the New Bacon? The Surprising Culinary Trend Taking America by Storm

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Monday, March 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Good morning food enthusiasts! Today, we bring you an exciting revelation in the food world that might just make your taste buds tingle with curiosity. Have you ever wondered if cabbage could potentially dethrone the beloved bacon as America's favorite ingredient? Well, according to a recent article by renowned food journalist Kim Severson, it seems that cabbage is having a star turn on the American culinary scene.

In an email from "The New York Times," which we had the privilege of peeking at, the subject line reads, "The Morning: Is cabbage the new bacon?" This intriguing question immediately caught our attention, and we couldn't resist delving further into the matter. The email, sent at 6:45 AM, featured an image of a vibrant salad bowl br****** with healthy ingredients, including legumes and vegetables, which only intensified our curiosity.

As we scrolled through the email, we couldn't help but notice the banner advertisement for dog food that boldly proclaimed, "THE BEST DOG FOOD EVER" with a tempting call to action offering a 50% discount. While this might seem unrelated, it served as a humorous reminder that sometimes unexpected things take the spotlight.

Kim Severson, an authority in the culinary world, explores the rising popularity of cabbage in her article. The introductory text reveals that cabbage, a staple in cuisines worldwide, is now capturing the attention of American chefs and food enthusiasts alike. It seems that cabbage is making a remarkable transformation from a humble ingredient to a sought-after culinary star.

The email's clean design, predominantly black and white with touches of gray, showcased "The New York Times" logo prominently in the middle. The date, March 10, 2024, added a sense of timeliness to the topic, making us even more eager to know the details behind this intriguing phenomenon.

While some might find it hard to imagine cabbage overshadowing bacon, the comments from Reddit users showcased a mix of amusement and curiosity. One user playfully exclaimed, "The Irish have entered the chat," referencing the long-standing association of cabbage with Irish cuisine. Another user humorously predicted that in ten years, cabbage would dominate the search results, considering the potential impact of global warming on crop availability.

Interestingly, there were also comments highlighting the already-established popularity of cabbage in Korean cuisine, with one user mentioning 김치, a traditional Korean fermented cabbage dish. It seems that some cultures have long embraced the versatility and deliciousness of cabbage.

Of course, bacon enthusiasts were not shy in expressing their love for the crispy treat. However, amidst the debate, there were voices advocating for a healthier shift towards incorporating more vegetables into our diets. One user even shared a mouthwatering tip, suggesting to pan fry cabbage in bacon grease for a truly amazing culinary experience.

As we conclude our exploration into the cabbage versus bacon debate, it's essential to remember that food trends come and go, often surprising us with unexpected delights. While cabbage might not completely replace bacon, it's fascinating to witness its rise to stardom in the American culinary scene.

So, whether you're a die-hard bacon lover or a curious food explorer, keep an open mind and embrace the exciting possibilities that cabbage brings to the table. Who knows, you might just discover a new favorite dish that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

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*The Irish have entered the chat*


This isn’t literally “cabbage can replace bacon.” The article is about the recent popularity of cabbage. The article highlights how its use by many chefs and popular restaurants in new and experimental dishes is similar to bacon’s popularity and widespread usage in the “1990s.”


With these prices I can definitely see fried cabbage on toast with a dash of lime and chili flakes being the new smashed avocado


Y'all acting crazy. Cabbage is f***ing delicious when cooked right, and tbh I feel like most Americans could use less bacon in their diet, and more vegetables. Granted, I grew up with southern style cabbage/greens, which have pork products in them usually. You don't have to have them tho.


These guys are getting their SEO in early. Global warming > less crops > famine> cabbage for breakfast Give it 10 years and they will be the top search result.


Fried cabbage owns


My cabbages!


[Betteridge's Law at work.]('s%20law%20of%20headlines%20is,the%20principle%20is%20much%20older.)


Koreans already know this.


김치 is great for breakfast in 비빔밥

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