The Funny Solution to Life's Worries: The 'F*s to Give' Jar Unveiled

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Sunday, March 10, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wished for a way to quantify your level of care or concern? Well, look no further because the internet has once again delivered with a funny yet relatable image that perfectly captures the essence of not giving a f***.

In this viral image that has taken social media by storm, we are presented with a small, clear glass jar sitting on a light surface. Sealed with a cork lid, this jar holds the secret to living a stress-free life - a collection of small pieces of paper, all intricately cut into the shape of a single word. And what might that word be, you ask? None other than "F***S TO GIVE."

Accompanying the jar is a small brown paper tag, tied to it with a piece of string or twine. On this tag, in bold capital letters, is the phrase that perfectly encapsulates the sentiment behind this unique creation. It reads, "F***s to Give." Yes, you heard that right.

But what makes this image truly delightful is the piece of paper lying just outside the jar. It mirrors the shape and word found inside the jar, emphasizing the concept of a finite number of cares or considerations one might have to offer. It's a visual metaphor that cleverly plays on a common v***** expression implying a lack of concern.

As expected, the internet has been buzzing with reactions to this seemingly unconventional yet relatable image. People from all walks of life have taken to the comments section, sharing their thoughts and humorous anecdotes. Some have jokingly inquired about the proper way to handle these precious "f***s to give," asking if they should be stored in a labeled jar until they reach zero. Others have remarked on the scarcity of these valuable commodities in today's economy, emphasizing their expensive nature.

The comments section also showcases the widespread appeal of this image. From the young to the old, individuals have expressed their own personal experiences with running out of "f***s to give." One user even humorously claimed that their jar had been empty for many years, hinting at a lifetime of carefree living.

Interestingly, some individuals have jokingly accused the owner of this jar of being the one responsible for depleting their own stash of "f***s," playfully suggesting a secret harvesting operation. Others have playfully expressed their desire to purchase a similar empty jar with the word "F***s" written on it, indicating a growing demand for this comical yet relatable item.

But amidst the laughter and lightheartedness, there are also those who ponder the consequences of running out of "f***s to give." They shudder at the thought of a world where one is completely devoid of cares or concerns, wondering what kind of chaos might ensue. It's a testament to the power of this image, evoking both humor and contemplation simultaneously.

The image of the "F***s to Give" jar has captured the attention of the internet with its witty and relatable concept. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, it's okay to let go of unnecessary worries and embrace a carefree mindset. So, next time you find yourself overwhelmed with the burdens of life, remember the jar and take a moment to laugh, relax, and maybe even consider starting your own collection of "f***s to give."

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Top Comments from Reddit


So do you move them to a jar labeled f***s given until you have zero f***s to give or what do you do with them?


Use them sparingly. They're expensive in this economy.


You must be young. My jar got empty many years ago.


So you’re the one that keeps harvesting my field of f***s, thus keeping it barren.


How many of these do you give out a day? Or you don’t give any?


Isn't this like the exact opposite of how it's supposed to work? I mean, you are not supposed to have any of these to give. Is the plan to give them to all the people who tell you they don't have any for you??


Where to buy this???


There they are, all my f***s in a single jar that i no longer possess.


IIIIIIIIIIII've no more f***s to give, my f***s have been depleted 🎶


Now I wanna buy a big empty jar with the word 'F***S' written on it.

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