Zany Personified Cooler Takes Over Reddit: Meet the H100x RGB ELITE!

Zoey Waverider

Updated Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the vast world of social media, you never know what unexpected treasures you might stumble upon. Recently, a Reddit post titled "Unexpected (Pixar) character. What's his name?" has been causing quite a stir. The image in question features two stacked cardboard boxes, but it's the smaller box on top that has captured the attention of Redditors far and wide.

Upon closer inspection, the smaller box reveals a glossy surface adorned with a printed design. And what is this design, you ask? None other than a computer cooling system component from Corsair, specifically the H100x RGB ELITE. But what's truly remarkable about this image is how the cooling system has been personified, giving it an unexpected and playful twist.

The H100x RGB ELITE is depicted as if it were wearing sunglasses, exuding a cool and confident vibe. The sunglasses reflect a pair of googly eyes, adding a touch of whimsy to the personification. Who knew a computer cooling system could have so much personality?

As the image gained traction on Reddit, users couldn't help but share their thoughts and reactions. Some comments included references to popular figures like Cardi B, Coolio, and even the iconic Microsoft Office paperclip. It's clear that the personified cooler struck a chord with Redditors and sparked their creative imaginations.

But let's not forget about the larger box at the bottom of the image. This box, unmistakably an Amazon delivery box, bears the familiar smile logo that we all associate with the e-commerce giant. The label on the box proudly announces its status as an "Amazon Prime" package, indicating that it was shipped with Amazon's premium delivery service.

The label also features a QR code and some small, illegible text, most likely containing shipping or product information. The size of the Amazon box suggests that it could contain various items or perhaps a single larger item, adding to the intrigue of what might be inside.

The casual setting of the image, with other indistinct items and a partially visible brown bag in the background, hints at a home or office environment. It's as if this personified cooler has found its place in the world, ready to keep temperatures cool and spirits high.

Overall, the unexpected personification of the H100x RGB ELITE cooler has brought a touch of humor and creativity to the Reddit community. It's a reminder that even the most ordinary objects can be transformed into something extraordinary with a little imagination. So, the next time you receive a package or catch a glimpse of a cardboard box, remember the H100x RGB ELITE and its cool, personified presence that took Reddit by storm.

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RGB (ROB but the o is a g because of the label)


Or did you mean _Boxar character_?




Sc***** Meal


I was fast scrolling Reddit and didn’t even fully clock in get it was I passed, but my brain thought “did I just see a coked up version of the Microsoft Office paperclip?” Had to go back to see. Nothing really to learn from this or to unpack from my experience. Also no name to bring to the table.


Boxey McBoxface!


Cardi B


H100 Prime!

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