Witty Video: Attempted Deadlift PR Turns into Unexpected Twerking Spectacle

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Are you ready for a laugh-out-loud moment? A recent video has been making waves on social media, showcasing an unexpected turn of events during a deadlift PR attempt. What was supposed to be a display of strength quickly transformed into an involuntary twerking performance that left everyone in stitches.

In the video, the individual can be seen preparing for a personal record deadlift. However, as soon as they begin lifting the weight, a series of muscle spasms take over, turning their routine exercise into a witty twerking spectacle. The unexpected dance moves caught everyone by surprise, and the video quickly gained attention for its comedic value.

Among the top comments, one user hilariously described the situation as an "involuntary muscle spasm... Enjoy the show!" Others chimed in with witty remarks, comparing the twerking display to a "b****-seizure" and suggesting that the person was on the verge of leaving humanity behind.

Some commenters couldn't help but make pop culture references, comparing the twerking to a scene from the movie "Kingpin" where White Goodman, the owner and founder of Globogym, hilariously attempts a similar move. The comments section was filled with playful banter, with users jokingly suggesting that the individual channeled their inner Hank Hill or danced like a professional stripper.

Despite the comedic nature of the video, some commenters expressed concern for the person's well-being. They advised listening to the signals of the body, as the twerking movements could be an indication of improper form or excessive weight.

However, it's important to note that deadlifts, when performed correctly, are a foundational strength training exercise with numerous benefits. They engage multiple muscle groups, providing a full-body workout. In fact, if there's one move you should prioritize at the gym, it's the deadlift.

If you're curious to learn more about the benefits and proper form of deadlifts, check out the link below from Healthline. But remember, always approach weightlifting with caution and consult a professional if you're unsure about proper technique.

So, if you're in need of a good laugh and a reminder that even the most serious of workouts can turn into unexpected comedy gold, make sure to watch this video. It's a witty reminder that sometimes our bodies have a mind of their own, and a little twerking can bring joy to even the most intense workout sessions.

Remember to always embrace the unexpected and find the humor in life's little surprises. And who knows, maybe you'll discover a hidden talent for twerking along the way. Enjoy the show, and don't forget to keep pushing your limits, both in the gym and in life!

Get ready to laugh: Watch the video here: [Insert video link]

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Top Comments from Reddit


You should know it's too much weight when you catch a "b****-seizure"


Yo that's your spinal cords death throes. Should listen to those signals


That's your body letting you know you are so close to leaving humanity behind.


“ involuntary muscle spasm…. Enjoy the show!” White Goodman..Owner, operator and founder of Globogym


Yassss queen dat twerk game


*Somebody come git hurr she dancin like a stripper*


Chest bone is connected to… waist bone.


585 is a damn impressive attempt though credit bro for pushing to find his ceiling


Ah, the 'cat trying to cough up a hairball' technique.


If you’re talking about this amount of weight with that terrible form, yes it is dumb and dangerous. However, a proper deadlift is a foundational strength training exercise. If I could only do one move in the gym it’s always the deadlift. It’s a full body workout . https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness/deadlift-benefits

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