My Stepdad's Wacky Star Wars-Inspired Laser: A New Hope for Home Improvement?

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where home improvement projects can often seem daunting, one man has taken it upon himself to bring a touch of intergalactic inspiration to his toolbox. Meet the laser level that has captured the attention of Reddit users everywhere. Shared by a proud stepson, this image showcases a compact, blue-colored device with black accents, reminiscent of the iconic garbage can from Star Wars.

The stepdad, a self-proclaimed Star Wars aficionado, couldn't help but draw a comparison between his newfound tool and the beloved Oobee Canoobi. With a t****le in his eye, he proudly declared that the laser level bore a striking resemblance to the trash compactor droid from the iconic space saga. And let's be honest, he may not be too far off!

The image itself reveals a professional-grade device, possibly a laser level, standing confidently on a flat white surface. Its cylindrical upper part, complete with dark-tinted windows, hints at the laser beams it may emit or detect. Adorned with the brand name "Limit" and a model number, "1004 HV," this tool exudes a sense of precision and quality.

But what truly sets this laser level apart are the humorous reactions it has garnered. Reddit users couldn't resist chiming in with their own witty remarks. One user hilariously suggested that it looked like the infamous "tarjar bin," while another drew a parallel with the endearing Raccaccoonie. References to Star Wars characters didn't end there, as someone cleverly mentioned a gonk droid and even shared a video explaining the iconic phrase, "He's got a tin foil pal and a pedal bin."

It's not just the Star Wars universe making an appearance in the comment section. Stories of loved ones mixing up names and pop culture references abound. From mistaking Crocodile Dundee for "Kangaroo Dandy" to confusing Snoop Dog with Snoopy the Dog, it seems like the art of name recall can be a challenge, no matter your age.

In the end, what makes this image truly captivating is the lighthearted spirit it embodies. It's a testament to the power of pop culture and the way it can infiltrate our daily lives, sparking joy and laughter. So, here's to the stepdad who found humor in a simple laser level. May his enthusiasm and love for Star Wars continue to brighten the days of those around him, one laser beam at a time.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or simply a Star Wars fan, this image reminds us that a little laughter and a touch of whimsy can make any project feel out-of-this-world. May the laser be with you, and may your home improvement adventures be filled with as much joy and creativity as this unforgettable stepdad's discovery.

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My 75 year old dad recently tried to recall the name of the movie Crocodile Dundee and came up with "that Australian film, Kangaroo Dandy."


The deeper thought is OP's stepdad was only 17 years old when Star Wars came out. **Star Wars has been a thing for almost 50 years**.


No I believe that would be tarjar bin , rightπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ€—πŸ˜‹


Almost as good as Raccaccoonie


[Oobie Doob Scooby Dooby Benoobie?](


only one cannoli


First gen portal 2 turret


You know what? It *does* look like an Oobee Canoobi!



I don't know if it's specifically a baby boomer thing, or if it just happens when you get older, but my dad also routinely butchers the names of actors, TV shows, anything with a proper name really - and that includes stuff he LIKES. He told me "We watched a pretty good movie on Netflix. John something... John- I dunno. Big guy. Rolls into town, doesn't have a cell phone, and he gets accused of murder..." "Reacher? You're talking about Reacher?" Not a movie, not on Netflix, not about a guy named John.

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