Unbelievable Sight: Tricycle Tows Airplane at Boeing's Everett Manufacturing Plant

Riley Sundew

Updated Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever seen a tricycle towing a commercial airplane? Well, believe it or not, a recent image circulating on social media has captured this mind-boggling sight. The photograph, titled "I've heard of budget cuts but...," reveals an unexpected scene at Boeing's Everett manufacturing plant.

In the image, we are presented with a close-up view of the nose section of a commercial airplane parked at the airport. The aircraft's predominantly white fuselage is adorned with a horizontal golden stripe, adding a touch of elegance. Above the stripe, there's a circular outline that appears to be a closed nose cone of a jet bridge attachment, surrounded by a faint darker shade of a large circle, suggesting its customary position.

But what steals the show is the blue adult tricycle parked just in front of the aircraft. This unconventional sight creates a sharp contrast against the high-tech aviation environment. It's as if the tricycle has taken on the role of a mighty towing vehicle, ready to demonstrate its strength and agility.

Comments on the post reveal mixed reactions from users. Some find the image amusing, joking about leg workouts and the meme-like scenario of a mini train pushing a train. Others express their skepticism, with one user even pointing out that the bike is in the wrong gear to move the plane. Regardless, the image has sparked curiosity and garnered attention.

While the image suggests that this sight is a result of budget cuts, one commenter humorously suggests that it's an attempt by the Trump grandchildren to expand their skill set. Nonetheless, it's important to note that this image is not a result of any digital manipulation; it captures a real moment at Boeing's Everett manufacturing plant.

Unfortunately, the image does not provide any information about the airline or the aircraft registration number. The surroundings, depicted with a slightly blurred and indistinct background, imply an overcast day at the airport.

In conclusion, this captivating image of a tricycle towing an airplane at Boeing's Everett manufacturing plant has left viewers amazed and amused. It serves as a reminder that unexpected sights can occur even in the most unlikely places. So, next time you visit an airport, keep your eyes peeled for extraordinary moments like this one.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Believe it or not, this isn’t photoshopped! This is a brand new 787 at Boeing’s Everett manufacturing plant. There are hundreds of these three wheeled bikes there. Someone was having a little fun before the plane left the plant.


Don't skip leg day!


Trappen kreng! En die koffers moet je ook nog gaan halen daarmee.


Middle age dad of two cycles that


This looks like that meme format of mini train pushing train.


When leg press is not enough


I see not enough passengers paid to check a bag. Unfortunately cuts had to be made.


Spirit airlines first class flight


Imagine the leg workout though.


Budget cuts? How many people you know can afford to strap a 747 to the back of their bike??

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