Supporting Love and Football: The Zany Taylor Swift Themed Cake That Has Everyone Talking

Mason Riverwind

Updated Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

A heart-shaped cake with a playful twist has been making waves at grocery stores across the country. The cake, decorated with red and yellow sprinkles and adorned with decorative piping, has caught the attention of shoppers with its bold statement: "GO TAYLOR'S 87 BOYFRIEND."

The cake, which is displayed in a clear plastic container, exudes a sense of cheer and good wishes for someone's partner, who is likely involved in sports, particularly American football. The number "87" is prominently featured, outlined in yellow with a vibrant red fill. Flanking the number are two edible decorations resembling miniature footballs, adding to the sports theme.

The image of this unique cake was shared on Reddit, and people couldn't help but chime in with their thoughts. Comments ranged from lighthearted amusement to spirited discussions on celebrity culture. One user even suggested that if they were the 49'ers, they would hire a group of Taylor Swift lookalikes to attend the Super Bowl, which sparked laughter among fellow Redditors.

While some found the cake zany and "hung it up" for their Super Bowl parties, others questioned the significance of Taylor Swift's love life and why it has become such a big deal. One commenter humorously noted that there are many former "Taylor's Boyfriends" who never received their own cake.

Amidst the humorous banter, a few users expressed concerns about the obsession with celebrities and how it overshadows more important matters in society. However, the majority of the comments reflected the light-hearted nature of the cake, with users simply enjoying the humor it brought to their day.

The cake's playful design and the conversation it has sparked online highlight the fascinating intersection between pop culture and sports. Even those who are not fans of Taylor Swift or football found the cake amusing and appreciated its cleverness.

So, the next time you're browsing the aisles of your local grocery store, keep an eye out for this Taylor Swift-themed treat. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a sports enthusiast, or simply enjoy a good laugh, this cake is sure to brighten your day and spark some lively conversations. Just remember, it's all in good fun!

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Top Comments from Reddit


My mom calls them swifters.. gave me a good laugh


Oh my God. I would love to bring this to the party full of a bunch of old dudes I’m going to tonight.


Imagine being an adult and getting triggered by this


They should put a little th by the 87


There are a lot of former “Taylor’s Boyfriends” who never got their own cake!


If I was the 49'ers, I'd find 15-20 of the best Taylor Swift lookalikes and pay them to go to the super bowl. It would be so funny lol


The way America worships its celebrities is so cringy. More people know about this woman’s weird personal life than what year the country was founded. We live in such an obnoxious society


Why is them dating such a big deal?


Grown adults fixating on this and hating really makes me fear for the future, among other things.



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