The Ultimate Skittles Casserole Craze: Teachers' New Favorite Dish Sparks Debate and Laughter

Mia Nightshade

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Teachers across the country have stumbled upon a casserole that's creating quite the buzz in faculty lounges and potlucks. This unique dish isn't your average casserole—it's a sweet concoction that's as colorful as it is controversial. The secret ingredient? A whole bag of Skittles. Yes, you read that right, Skittles in a casserole.

The internet is ablaze with comments from culinary enthusiasts and casual cooks alike, discussing the merits and pitfalls of this unconventional recipe. Some claim that the standard 20 servings are a gross underestimation of their portion sizes, hinting at the dish's addictive quality. Others are planning to elevate their Thanksgiving spread with this quick-and-easy 'gourmet' addition.

However, not everyone is on board with this rainbow-themed dish. For those with nut allergies, the original recipe poses a problem, as it typically includes almond M&Ms. But fear not, modifications are possible. One commenter inquired about substituting the nuts with plain M&Ms, avoiding the allergen while still indulging in the sweet treat.

Despite its popularity, this casserole isn't for the faint of heart—or those lacking a sense of humor. It's said that only an experienced cook can truly master the recipe, which may or may not include boneless Skittles (a playful jab at the absurdity of the dish).

Amidst the culinary chaos, a name has emerged from the fray: Joanne Miller, crowned as the "Laziest Cook in the Universe" for her contribution to the casserole canon. Whether this title is worn with pride or a pinch of sarcasm, it's clear that this dish has made a lasting impression.

Not all experiments with the recipe have been successful, though. One adventurous soul attempted to substitute almond M&Ms with a tub of mayonnaise and some Starbursts, resulting in a less-than-savory rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

In conclusion, the Skittles casserole has taken the world of teacher potlucks by storm, proving that even the most outlandish recipes can bring people together for a good laugh, if not a good bite. Whether you're in it for the taste or the talk, this dish is a conversation starter that's as vibrant as the candy it's made with. So, next time you're looking to add a splash of color and controversy to your cooking, remember the Skittles casserole—the dish that dared to defy culinary norms and delighted (or dismayed) taste buds far and wide.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Add 1 bag of Skittles.


20 servings.. as usual these recipes severely underestimate my portion size!


Can I make this with just 4 bags of plain M&Ms? I do not like nuts.


will be adding this dish to my quick-n-easy gourmet Thanksgiving spread


Not very good for the nut allergy people lol


Experienced cook to master the recipe 😂


are they boneless?


And the prize for Laziest Cook in the Universe goes to… Joanne Miller!


Terrible recipe. I didn't have any almond M&M's so I substituted in a tub of mayonnaise and some starbursts. 2/5

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