The Majestic Duality of Horses: Not Just Oversized Dogs

Aiden Starling

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Horses have long captured the human imagination with their grace, strength, and beauty. But a common misconception that they share similar traits with our canine companions is far from the truth. While it's easy to romanticize horses as gentle giants or equate them to "giant dogs," the reality is that they are complex creatures with instincts and behaviors vastly different from those of dogs.

Historically, war horses were a testament to equine bravery and training. These noble steeds were conditioned over years to counter their natural survival instinct to flee from the chaos of battle. This process was not only time-consuming but also a display of the remarkable adaptability of horses.

Those who have spent considerable time around horses have come to appreciate their duality. Horses embody raw power and elegance, yet they can exhibit playful behavior, such as rolling on their backs with abandon. However, this whimsical image belies the respect and caution they demand. Horses are not mere oversized pets; they are sentient beings with their own set of instincts and potential dangers.

The phrase "jittery glass-eyed dinosaurs" humorously captures the unpredictability of horses. Even well-trained horses weighing over a thousand pounds can have a hair-trigger response to stimuli. Horse handlers share tales of injuries ranging from bruises and bites equivalent to being clamped by a car door to severe incidents like being kicked with enough force to fracture bones. These stories serve as stark reminders of the power and respect these animals command.

Working with horses requires constant vigilance. The comparison of a horse to a "1500lb dog" is quickly dismissed by those familiar with their behavior. A horse's size and strength can pose significant risks, and underestimating them can lead to serious accidents. Even the most experienced handlers approach these animals with a mix of admiration and caution, often opting to work around them with the utmost respect for their capabilities.

In conclusion, while horses can share moments of affection and companionship with humans akin to dogs, it's essential to recognize and respect their unique nature. They are not our oversized, hoofed canine friends but rather majestic creatures with a spirit and power all their own. Understanding and appreciating their true essence is key to fostering a safe and harmonious relationship with these extraordinary animals.

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War horses had to be trained for years to overcome their (very reasonable) instinct to RUN AWAY FROM WAR.


I love horses and have spent a great deal of time around. And my favorite thing about them is their duality. The same animal that is form made true of raw strength and unbridled elegance is the same one that just laid on its back rolling around before releasing a 15 second long f*** and trotting off smiling unashamedly 🤣


right after this clip the horse just up and died, because horse


Makes me sad to think how many died.😥


Dogs are intelligent, horses are jittery glass eyed dinosaurs


Not those ones specifically.


They are not. Well trained horses are still 1k+ pound animals with a hair trigger. I work with them daily. Everyone says this and typically gets bit, kicked or stepped on. Bites are like a car door grabbing your f** and skin, solid bruise maybe bleeding. F****** sucks. Kicked is you’re dead to luckily just shot back 3 feet. (Had a girl have her pelvis fractured by her very well trained and very smart horse, trying to get it on a trailer) Stepped on is you losing toes to all of your foot to a bad couple of bruised toes. I’m comfortable enough to work around them with bare feet but every single moment I do not underestimate these animals. TEHY ARE NOT DOGS. Imagine a f****** 1500lb dog and say the same shit.


Forward, unto glory, Derpwagon!


Big dogs. With hooves.

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