Navigating the Quirks of Human Behavior: The Fascinating Rituals of Door Usage

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever caught yourself following a peculiar habit without understanding why? A recent online discussion has shed light on the intriguing and sometimes humorous rituals people follow when it comes to something as mundane as using a door. From paying full price for a door and using it in its entirety to the insistence of exiting through the exact same door one entered, the reasons behind these actions are as varied as they are fascinating.

One standout story involves a person's former mother-in-law, who had an almost ceremonial approach to door usage. She meticulously tracked which door her guests used upon entering her home and ensured they left through the same one. This odd insistence on door etiquette may seem extreme, but it highlights how individuals can create their own set of rules within their domain.

Some commenters suggest that these behaviors could be a manifestation of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a condition where people feel the need to check things repeatedly or perform certain routines over and over. Others see it as a simple matter of habit or preference, with one user quipping, "It's Monday," as if to say that the strangeness of our actions can be chalked up to the start of a typical week.

But what if there's more to it than just habit or mental health? Could cultural practices play a role? One user shares a tradition from their country where the living and the dead use different gates at a cemetery. This deep-rooted cultural belief could be an example of how historical and societal norms influence our everyday behavior, even in the way we use doors.

The conversation takes an even more whimsical turn with suggestions that the individual in question might have been under the influence of an edible, leading to a state of hyperfocus or "autopilot" where their actions make perfect sense to them, if not to onlookers. And of course, the inevitable question arises: Why was someone filming this peculiar door usage in the first place?

As we delve into the peculiarities of human behavior, it's clear that even the simplest actions can have complex motivations behind them. Whether it's a strict adherence to self-imposed rules, a nod to cultural traditions, or just the result of a wandering mind, the ways in which people interact with their environment can be a source of endless fascination and amusement.

In conclusion, the next time you find yourself or someone else using a door in an unconventional manner, take a moment to consider the possible reasons behind it. It might be a window into the quirks of human psychology, a reflection of cultural heritage, or simply a reminder that life is full of little mysteries waiting to be explored.

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Top Comments from Reddit


He paid full price for the door and he will use the whole door every time.


Rules they must be followed he does


Some people have a weird insistence on leaving through the same door they came in. To the point of obsession. My friend’s former MiL was like that. She would keep track of which door people came in, and made them leave the house through the same door.


Or you have OCD. Pretty common


I mean, it's monday


Or he ate an edible and this makes perfect sense. I get it.


Looks like he was in a state of deep hyperfocus. So far down in the zone that he's on autopilot.


In my country there's tradition that you don't enter cemetery through the large gate. Living use the small gate to walk through, the dead carried/transported though the large gate. Maybe something like that?


Why was he filming?

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