Navigating a Giant's World: The Quirky Challenges of Being the Short One in a Tall Family

Avery Emberly

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Imagine walking into a home where everything seems to be part of a giant's dwelling, from towering shelves to shower heads that feel like they're pouring rain from the clouds. This isn't a scene from a fantasy novel; it's the everyday reality for those who, like a certain individual, find themselves significantly shorter than their partner's family.

The internet recently buzzed with empathy and humor as someone shared their experience of being a foot shorter than their boyfriend's family. This unique situation brings to light the amusing and sometimes frustrating challenges faced by those who live in a world designed for people much taller than themselves.

One person shared a story of hedges cut to unveil a majestic mountain view that remains unseen to them, while another recounted the trials of dating someone whose family's home was customized for those standing at 5'2". Imagine the struggle of using a shower built for someone much shorter, or the comical inconvenience of only seeing the middle of your chest in a wall mirror installed by a shorter spouse.

These anecdotes paint a picture of a world where daily tasks can become comical hurdles. It's a place where step stools become invaluable assets, and where the phrase "I can't reach anything in this house" is a common refrain. Jokes about feeling like a goblin among humans or needing a stool just to see eye-to-eye with family members add a light-hearted twist to the situation.

Yet, amidst the laughter, there's also a subtle nod to the importance of inclusivity and accommodation. The discussion touches on the need for environments that cater to people of all heights, suggesting that the design of a living space should consider the diversity of human stature.

As the conversation continues, the community comes together in a shared understanding that whether you're the shortest in a family of giants or the tallest in a home built for shorter individuals, life is full of quirky challenges. The key is to embrace these moments with humor and grace, knowing that differences in height can lead to a richer tapestry of experiences.

In conclusion, the world may not be one-size-fits-all, but it's these differences that make for entertaining stories and a reminder that diversity, even in height, is something to be celebrated. So, the next time you find yourself in a home where you can't quite reach the top shelf or your reflection is cut off in the mirror, remember that you're not alone—and maybe it's time to invest in a good step stool.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Who let their goblin out of the cage?


I feel your pain. My dad cut the hedges to have a better view of the mountain. Everyone was so impressed. I still can't see shit.


I dated a girl and it was the opposite situation...and I'm not even that tall. They had their house custom made for people 5'2". Their shower head was at my shoulder level, I had to spread my legs giraffe style to shave or look in the mirror. It was miserable.


My short wife put up the wall mirrors in our house, and now I have a nice view of the middle of my chest in those mirrors.


I feel your pain. I’m 4’11. My step-daughter is 6’ and my stepson and partner are both 6’2”. I can’t reach anything in this house!


D***** Lilly, tell Marshal and the Eriksens to at least get you a stool!


Anyone else think the family was perving on op in the toilet for a second


Took me a minute, and rereading your headline…


Are you sure this isn’t a subtle way to get you to break up with him? “Honey, your mirrors are just too high - this isn’t going to work out between us”

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