Embrace the Magic at Any Age: The Charm of a Princess-Themed Birthday Bash

Aiden Starling

Updated Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Birthdays are a special occasion that can bring out the inner child in everyone, no matter the age. A recent touching story surfaced where a mother-in-law delivered an unexpected twist to a 39th birthday celebration, proving that age is but a number when it comes to enjoying life's little pleasures.

The birthday girl's mother-in-law dropped off party supplies that would typically be seen at a child's party—complete with princess plates and a tiara. This delightful choice of party decor sparked a wave of supportive and humorous comments online, with many sharing their own experiences of whimsical birthday celebrations well into adulthood.

One commenter playfully warned against denying anyone's inner princess, highlighting the universal appeal of feeling special and cherished. Others encouraged the use of the princess-themed party supplies, sharing anecdotes of their own unconventional birthday celebrations, such as a helium-filled dinosaur balloon for a 38-year-old.

The sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, with individuals across various age brackets—from 40 to 61—expressing their joy at the idea of a "super soft birthday party." This term, "super soft birthday," encapsulates the idea of indulging in the softer, more playful aspects of life, regardless of society's expectations of age-appropriate behavior.

The mother-in-law was hailed as a legend for her thoughtful and cheeky gesture, reinforcing the notion that whimsy and fun are not exclusive to the young. The story culminated with the revelation that the party plates and dinosaur hats were indeed used, adding a delightful twist to the celebration and further endorsing the idea that one is never too old to revel in the magic of a themed birthday party.

In conclusion, this charming tale serves as a reminder that birthdays are a time to celebrate life, embrace individuality, and perhaps most importantly, to never let go of the joyous spirit of youth. Whether it's a princess tiara at 39 or dinosaur hats at 26, these moments create memories that defy age and bring smiles to faces. So go ahead, let the inner princess or dinosaur enthusiast shine, because once a princess, always a princess—revel in it!

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Top Comments from Reddit


Are you saying that your wife isn’t a princess. Better not go there.


As a 40 year old man, I would be really, really happy if these were the plates for my birthday party. That TIARA. Werk.


Please use them


My wife bought me a helium filled dinosaur balloon that walks along on a leash for my last birthday. I'm 38. Don't grow up


It’s a super soft birthday party.


I just turned 56 and I'd use them. My big sister just turned 61 and we would use them for her too!


Ah, I see we have the same MIL. Husband just turned 26 and MIL bought dinosaur party hats. ETA: We used them, of course- free dinosaur hats!


You mil is a legend.


Once a princess always a princess. Revel in it.

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