The Unexpected Trend: Fans Capture Concerts with Nintendo 3DS Cameras

Aiden Starling

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Concertgoers are no strangers to capturing live music moments on their phones, but a new trend is emerging that's turning heads and sparking conversations online. A recent Reddit post revealed a surprising sight at a concert: a fan using a Nintendo 3DS to record the performance. The image, sent by a girlfriend to her significant other, has since sparked a wave of nostalgia and amusement across the internet.

The Nintendo 3DS, a handheld gaming console beloved for its 3D capabilities without the need for special glasses, seems to have found a second life as a quirky camera choice at live events. While some might question the device's picture quality compared to modern smartphones, it's undeniable that the 3DS's unique dual screens, with the top being wider than the touch screen, make it an interesting choice for recording.

Commenters on the Reddit post were quick to point out the peculiarity, with one noting, "This is a 3ds. You can notice because the topscreen is wider than the touch screen." Others chimed in with humorous takes, suggesting that once someone starts using a 3DS as a camera, they've reached a whole new level of dedication—or perhaps, eccentricity.

The trend isn't entirely without precedent. Fans of punk and ska music, particularly at Jeff Rosenstock shows, have been observed recording performances with their 3DS devices, embracing the oddity as part of the subculture's charm. The sentiment reflects a broader truth: in the world of punk and ska, being unconventional is not just accepted but celebrated.

Despite the novelty, some commenters offered a dose of reality, musing that regardless of the recording device used, these videos are rarely watched again. It raises the question of why fans feel compelled to record at all, rather than simply enjoying the moment. The comparison to people who use iPads as cameras at concerts was inevitable, with both choices seen as equally unconventional and, to some, equally humorous.

In conclusion, the sight of a Nintendo 3DS being used to record a concert may be met with laughter, confusion, or even admiration, but it undeniably adds a unique layer to the live music experience. Whether it's a statement about the impermanence of the moment or a nod to the joys of nostalgia, this trend shows that when it comes to enjoying music, the medium might be as memorable as the melody.

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Is that a Nintendo DS/3DS?


That's not your girl anymore, bud.


Recording in 3D


This is a 3ds. U can notice because the topscreen is b***** than the touch screen.


Doesn't matter how the video is recorded, it will never be watched again


Best camera ever


This recently became a thing at Jeff Rosenstock shows where people would record on 3DS. Punk/Ska fans are f****** weird lol


He’s so real for that


Reminds me of the pictures of the folks holding up an iPad at a concert to take a photo.

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