The Perils of Nose Waxing: A Cautionary Tale of Grooming Gone Wrong

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the pursuit of personal grooming, some trends defy logic and can lead to unexpected consequences. A recent incident that has sparked both humor and concern involves the seemingly harmless act of nose waxing. The story unfolded on a popular online platform, where a post titled "Nose waxing goes hilariously wrong" captured the attention of many.

Nose hair, often seen as a nuisance, plays a critical role in our body's defense system. It acts as a natural filter, trapping dust, pollen, and other foreign particles that can irritate the respiratory system. One individual shared a personal anecdote that sheds light on the importance of these tiny hairs. After undergoing chemotherapy, they experienced the loss of not only their scalp hair but also their nose hair. The result was an onslaught of sneezing and a perpetual runny nose, a clear testament to the protective function that nose hair serves.

Commenters on the post were quick to emphasize the significance of keeping nose hairs intact. They pointed out that while it may seem appealing to wax away unruly strands for a cleaner appearance, the consequences can be rather uncomfortable, if not harmful. The consensus was clear: trimming is acceptable to manage length, but complete removal is a step too far.

The discussion also touched on the use of filters in videos that depict such grooming practices. Some users expressed their disdain for the unrealistic beauty standards these filters promote, highlighting the drastic before-and-after effects that can distort one's self-image. Others humorously suggested alternative tools like needle-nose pliers for a more controlled approach to nose hair management, though the jest was evident in their words.

The underlying message from the community was one of caution and preservation. Nose hairs, along with ear hairs, eyebrows, and eyelashes, serve as natural barriers against environmental irritants. The removal of these hairs, especially through waxing, can disrupt this delicate ecosystem and lead to discomfort and health issues.

To conclude, the viral tale of a nose waxing debacle serves as a reminder of the fine line between personal grooming and self-care. The body's natural defenses, while often overlooked, are essential for well-being. So the next time the thought of waxing away nose hairs arises, remember the sneezing, the runny nose, and the unanimous advice: keep those protective hairs in place, and embrace the natural filters that come with them.

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Top Comments from Reddit


Keep yo nose hairs! When I went through chemo, I was expecting to lose my hair but did not anticipate losing my nose hair. Trust me, I had never sneezed more in my life and had a constant runny nose because there wasn't anything protecting my poor nostrils. Trim them if they are unruly.


Nose hairs are incredibly important. That's one area you should never ever wax.


Filter like this is so embarrassing.. skinny then boom big and then skinny again like seriously


Waxing your nose is quite silly.


The way the filter turns off when the hands are placed on her nose


That filter is doing a *LOT* of heavy lifting


Needle nose pliers would work.


There's a reason we have small hairs in our nose and ear as well as eyebrows and eyelashes. They're natural filters/protection from sweat and dirt. Please don't do this (trimming them a bit if they grow to long is fine but don't remove them all together)


what is the point of nose waxing?

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