Sweet Temptations at the Dentist's Office: A Clever Strategy for Return Visits?

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

When visiting the dentist's office, one might expect to receive a lecture on the importance of avoiding sweets to maintain dental health. However, a recent observation shared online has sparked a conversation about the strategic placement of candy at a dental practice's checkout area. While it may seem counterintuitive, this cunning move is not just about indulging a sweet tooth; it's a masterclass in customer retention and business savvy.

The concept is simple yet effective: by offering candy at the point of departure, the dental office creates a scenario where the very thing they advise against is within arm's reach. This paradoxical situation has been humorously described as "creating demand while supplying the supply." It's a clever twist on the traditional business model where the provider of a service is also the one promoting the catalyst for its necessity.

Critics and cynics alike have chimed in, likening the tactic to a "pyramid scheme circle" or a "trap," suggesting that the dental practice is ensuring its future by contributing to the problem it seeks to solve. This tongue-in-cheek observation points to a deeper understanding of the business world, where job security can sometimes hinge on a constant stream of issues to address.

Others have taken a more strategic view, calling it "the long game." This perspective acknowledges the foresight of the dental office in fostering a cycle of return visits. After all, a piece of candy today could potentially lead to a cavity tomorrow, and who better to treat it than the dentist who provided the sweet treat in the first place?

The discussion around this practice brings to light the delicate balance between promoting good health and ensuring a business thrives. While some may view the offering of candy in a dental office as ironic, others see it as a smart move to keep clients coming back. It's a reminder that in the world of business, the line between providing a service and creating a need for that service can sometimes blur.

In conclusion, the dental office's checkout candy bowl serves as a playful nudge to the reality of consumerism and business strategies. Whether seen as a harmless perk or a calculated plan for repeat business, it's clear that this approach has people talking—and perhaps, smiling with just a hint of mischief. After all, who can resist the allure of a sweet treat, even when it's from the very place that cautions against it?

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Creating demand while supplying the supply. Nice .


Customer retention 101


It's a pyramid scheme circle!


Gotta drum up some repeat business.


Job security


It’s called the long game


It’s a trap!


Well they do make their money off of people's bad teeth


Take some candy so you have problem with your canine and we treat...yeah?

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