Driving with Wit: The Ingenious Road Signs of India's Border Roads Organization

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Imagine cruising along a mountainous road, the crisp air brushing against your face, and then, you're greeted by a sign that playfully nudges you towards safety: "Safety on road is safe tea at home." This is no ordinary road signage; this is the clever work of India's Border Roads Organization (BRO), known for their unique approach to promoting road safety with a twist of humor.

The BRO has carved a niche for itself by installing signs that do more than just instruct; they make drivers think and, often, chuckle. With messages like "Be Mr. Late not Late Mr." and "If you sleep your family will weep," they strike a chord with travelers who are used to mundane and easily ignored signs. The effectiveness of these signs lies in their ability to connect on a human level, reminding drivers that their actions have real consequences.

The organization's wordplay extends to a variety of driving situations, especially when navigating the treacherous curves of northern India's mountainous terrain. With phrases that gently remind drivers to be cautious, such as being "gentle around curves," the signs blend local culture with universally understood warnings.

The ingenuity of the BRO's road signs has sparked a conversation about road safety practices around the world. Some online commentators have humorously suggested that making it illegal to crash could be a simple yet revolutionary way to save lives. Others have pointed out the absurdity of such a law, comparing it to outlawing being hit by a bullet as a solution to violence.

The discussion also touches on the effectiveness of unconventional methods in preventing accidents. While some wonder why these creative signs aren't a global standard, given their potential to save lives, others appreciate the localized charm that wouldn't necessarily translate elsewhere.

In a world where road safety is a critical issue, the Border Roads Organization of India stands out for its innovative approach. By blending humor with caution, they've created a memorable experience for drivers and a topic of global discussion. Perhaps the true genius of these signs is that they don't just warn; they inspire conversations about how every individual can contribute to safer roads, one chuckle at a time.

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You must crash on purpose.


Guess I wasn’t conceived here…


Now I feel stupid... imagine if OUR city council had made it illegal to crash your car. So many saved lives.... And so simple! Man.


Based on the markings, this is a sign on a road built by India’s Border Roads Organization. They have a lot of cheeky signs like these on the roads they build, many of which happen to be in the far north, in the mountains. Some examples: * Safety on road is safe tea at home * Be Mr. Late not Late Mr. * If you sleep your family will weep * all kinds of wordplay involving “being gentle around curves”


Why don’t they put this everywhere? This could save so many lives


We’re not running a scrap yard here, break your car somewhere else


No engine braking


Elsewhere: fine, you’re allowed to cause accidents


Brilliant! Perhaps the US should make it illegal to be hit by a bullet? Violence solved!

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