Problems Rednecks Face Every Day

Zoey Waverider

Updated Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Explore the hilarious and sometimes controversial world of rednecks and their unique approach to home security. Discover the unconventional methods they employ, including an impressive arsenal of weapons and a no-nonsense attitude towards intruders. Watch the Cyanide and Happiness video that perfectly captures the redneck way of life.

Rednecks, often known for their resourcefulness and unorthodox solutions, face a set of challenges that are both amusing and intriguing. One such challenge is the need to protect their homes from potential intruders. In a Cyanide and Happiness video titled "Guns," we get a glimpse into the redneck mindset when it comes to home security.

The video starts with a humorous observation that people really don't like the idea of getting killed for breaking into someone else's house. It highlights the fact that it's not difficult to avoid such a fate by simply refraining from trespassing. However, the video takes a satirical twist by suggesting that death might be an appropriate penalty for those who choose to invade someone's home.

The narrator humorously speculates on the intentions of intruders, assuming that they might have sinister motives like assault or robbery. The video playfully suggests that we may never truly know the intentions of intruders after the fact, making the redneck's approach to home security somewhat justified.

One viewer raises the question of whether the video originally had sound, hinting at the possibility of missing audio that could have added another layer of humor to the already amusing content. This comment adds to the conversation surrounding the video, highlighting the engagement and curiosity it has sparked among viewers.

The discussion continues with a reminder that it's perfectly acceptable to simply ignore or move on from a joke that one doesn't find appealing. This comment emphasizes the importance of respecting different perspectives and avoiding unnecessary conflicts over personal preferences.

In conclusion, the Cyanide and Happiness video "Guns" provides an entertaining and thought-provoking look into the world of rednecks and their unique approach to home security. It sheds light on the challenges they face and the unconventional methods they employ to protect their homes. If you're curious to witness the redneck way of life in action, be sure to check out the video and join the conversation.

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Top Comments from Reddit

SlappingSalt ( 270 upvotes)

Cause of death: too many options

Desert4tw ( 227 upvotes)

20k in weapons, just in case, 20 dollar cellphone with s***** camera

STGItsMe ( 97 upvotes)

But nobody’s breaking into your Hagrid hut.

Gordon_Explosion ( 63 upvotes)

Heh, peeps really don't like they might get killed for breaking into someone elses house. It's not like it's difficult to not get killed breaking into someone elses house. But yeah I kinda feel that's an appropriate death penalty. I wouldn't know your intentions, I assume it's to r*** and m***** everyone in the house. We may never know, after the fact.

DieselnPBblaster ( 29 upvotes)

Shotgun. The answer is always shotgun.

tyrom22 ( 19 upvotes) “Guns” from Cyanide and Happiness

Capital_Drummer9559 ( 16 upvotes)

Imagine seeing a joke you don’t like and shutting the f*** up

Stevarooni ( 14 upvotes)

\[Australian homeowner\] You brought this on yourself.... *unzips as Barry White starts playing*

tekease247 ( 4 upvotes)

Didn't this video originally have sound?

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