Dad's PS4 Ruined After Son's Innocent Gaming Mishap: A Cautionary Tale

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Dad's PS4 Ruined After Son's Innocent Gaming Mishap: A Cautionary Tale

A dad's PlayStation 4 console meets an unfortunate fate when his 6-year-old son innocently attempts to play a "nice Dog-Game" he found in the garage. Discover the unexpected consequences of this gaming mishap and the valuable lessons learned.

In the world of gaming, accidents can happen, and sometimes they can lead to disastrous consequences. One dad's heartbreaking tale serves as a cautionary reminder to all parents and gamers alike. Let's dive into this Reddit thread and explore the story that unfolded.

The story begins with a dad who owns a beloved PlayStation 4 console. Little did he know that his gaming haven would soon be turned upside down by his curious 6-year-old son. The young boy stumbled upon a game in the garage that he believed to be a "nice Dog-Game." Excited to embark on a virtual adventure, he decided to give it a try.

As the dad recounts the incident, he mentions that the game in question was described as a "constant grind." This detail raises eyebrows among the Reddit community, as such a game doesn't seem like an ideal choice for a young child. Nevertheless, the dad's son was determined to play it, unaware of the potential consequences.

Skeptics in the thread quickly dismiss the dad's claims, suggesting that the story is nothing more than a fabrication. They argue that the laser mechanism in a PlayStation 4 console doesn't come into contact with the disc, rendering any damage highly unlikely. Some even label the story as "bullshit" or "false."

However, amidst the skepticism, other Redditors share their own experiences of gaming mishaps involving their children. One user sadly recounts the time their little one managed to insert play dough into a SNES cartridge, resulting in irreversible damage to the game. The sentimental value of the game, in this case, was lost forever.

While the validity of the dad's story remains a topic of debate, it serves as a reminder to all parents to be cautious when allowing young children to handle gaming consoles and discs. Accidents can happen, and sometimes they can lead to irreversible damage.

As we conclude this cautionary tale, it's important to remember that gaming consoles are not indestructible. Whether this story is true or not, it serves as a reminder to keep an eye on our gaming equipment and educate our children about proper handling.

So, fellow gamers and parents, let this story be a lesson to us all. Take the necessary precautions to protect our beloved gaming consoles and ensure that our little ones understand the importance of responsible gaming. Let's keep the joy of gaming alive while avoiding any unnecessary heartbreak.

Remember, accidents can happen, but with a little vigilance, we can prevent them. Stay safe, and happy gaming!

(Note: This article is based on a Reddit thread and does not reflect the views or experiences of the author.)

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Top Comments from Reddit

DataJunkie1337420 ( 3614 upvotes)

Better of not playing it anyway that game is just a constant grind

CMDR_Bartizan ( 2072 upvotes)

Things that didn’t happen for $500, Alex.

likesexonlycheaper ( 483 upvotes)

How would it ruin anything? Do you think the laser mechanism touches the Disc or something? Nothing would happen

mwags23 ( 229 upvotes)

false, it wouldn't do anything

YourDeathIsOurReward ( 206 upvotes)


fupa16 ( 103 upvotes)


gamer6663 ( 23 upvotes)

I got the play dough in the snes cartridge treatment from my little one. Didn’t notice until the play dough had hardened into cement. RIP Starfox 😢

akaziaxel ( 21 upvotes)

Today in "things that never happened"...

DarkJedi22 ( 8 upvotes)


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