Edwin Hates Mail: A Hilarious (Yet Troublesome) Tale of a Shredding Dog

Noah Silverbrook

Updated Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 12:00 AM CDT

Join us as we delve into the chaotic world of Edwin, a mischievous canine with a penchant for shredding mail. Discover the hilarious (and sometimes not-so-funny) consequences that unfold when Edwin's destructive habits take center stage. Prepare for laughter, frustration, and a newfound appreciation for responsible pet ownership.


Have you ever experienced the frustration of finding shredded bits of paper strewn all over your house? Well, imagine dealing with this predicament for sixteen consecutive days. That's the reality for one unfortunate individual who goes by the name of Edwin.

Edwin, a lovable yet mischievous pup, has developed a rather peculiar hobby - shredding mail. While this may initially sound amusing, the consequences quickly turn from hilarious to troublesome. Imagine the horror when Edwin decides to tear apart something truly important, like a new car title or a decent-sized check. Suddenly, the laughter fades away, and a wave of panic sets in.

As a USPS Letter Carrier, the impact of Edwin's antics is far from amusing for one Reddit user. They express their frustration, highlighting the potential long-term issues that can arise from such destructive behavior. They emphasize that responsible pet ownership is crucial, regardless of the size of the dog. After all, if a small dog shouldn't engage in such behavior, why should a larger one?

The sentiment among the Reddit community is clear - Edwin's owners are not doing their job properly. Comments flood in, condemning the dog's behavior and labeling the owners as "s*****." The humor that some initially found in Edwin's shredding spree quickly dissipates, replaced by a sense of annoyance and disappointment.

One former mail carrier chimes in, sharing their own experience with unruly dogs. They remind us that what may seem funny from a distance can quickly turn into a nightmare when important documents, such as paychecks, become casualties of a dog's destructive nature. The message is clear - this is no laughing matter.

While Edwin's shredding escapades may have initially sparked amusement, it's important to recognize the potential consequences. Responsible pet ownership is vital to ensure the safety of both our belongings and the well-being of our furry friends. Let Edwin's story serve as a reminder that even the most seemingly harmless habits can have far-reaching effects.

So, the next time you come across a video or story of a mischievous pet, take a moment to consider the bigger picture. Let's strive to create a world where laughter and responsible pet ownership go hand in hand.

Remember, a happy and harmonious household is built on the foundation of responsible pet ownership. Let's keep our mail intact and our furry friends out of trouble!


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Top Comments from Reddit

quats5 ( 468 upvotes)

It stops being hilarious 1. On the sixteenth day in a row that you have to clean up all the shredded bits of paper all over your house 2. When you realize puppy just shredded something really important (like, new car title, or a decent size check).

Shadrack1975 ( 320 upvotes)

As a USPS Letter Carrier. This is absolutely not funny.

CarSittin2 ( 213 upvotes)

That is going to be a big issue down the road.

necroreefer ( 144 upvotes)

Edwin has bad owners. If you don't want a big dog to do it a small dog shouldn't do it either.

ganjdude ( 57 upvotes)

All I see is a s***** dog owner. Still waiting for the funny part

Best_Fondant_3027 ( 41 upvotes)

I used to be a mail carrier. Yeah it’s real funny until the dog tears up your check.

Icebot ( 25 upvotes)

You and your dog are s***

gmonk79 ( 24 upvotes)

S***** owners making a s***** dog.

Zee-J ( 19 upvotes)

This isn’t funny. It’s an out of control dog.

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