Doug Ford's Controversial Move: Ontario Science Centre's Sudden Closure Sparks Outrage

Lucas Rainfall

Updated Monday, July 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a surprising and controversial turn of events, Doug Ford has announced the immediate and permanent closure of the Ontario Science Centre, sparking a wave of public outrage and intense scrutiny. The iconic Science Centre, which opened in 1969 and was designed to last over 250 years, has been a cherished institution in Ontario. However, recent developments suggest a far more complex and potentially corrupt motive behind its sudden shutdown.

Lyn Ibson's social media post has brought to light a series of events that seem to connect the closure to a developer family closely associated with Doug Ford. According to Ibson, five years ago, this developer family purchased over 60 acres of land adjacent to the Science Centre. In a curious coincidence, a month after this purchase, Ford announced that the last stop on the new Ontario Line subway would be the Science Centre.

This week, Ford has ordered the closure of the Science Centre, citing an engineering report that suggests maintenance needs but does not justify a complete shutdown. Yet, construction and demolition equipment have already been spotted on-site, ready to commence work before the public can react. The timing of Ford's vacation during this crucial period has only fueled suspicions of a deliberate and calculated move to turn the Science Centre's property into condos.

The narrative has drawn sharp criticism from various quarters. One comment points out the value of public transit and the apparent disregard by the city and province in maintaining essential infrastructure. Another commenter harshly criticizes the Ford family, calling them a "blight on the Province" and celebrating the passing of Ford's brother.

The relocation of the Science Centre to the old Ontario Place property is also under fire, seen as part of an ongoing boondoggle by Doug Ford. The anger is palpable, with individuals expressing frustration over the perceived corruption and the detrimental impact on Ontario's cultural heritage. Comments range from calling the Conservative Party a "cancer" to lamenting the influence of billionaires and corrupt practices in politics.

The image accompanying the post includes an aerial map highlighting the areas affected. The red border outlines the 60+ acres bought by the developer family, while the yellow border marks the Science Centre's property slated for repurposing. The map provides a visual representation of the land involved, adding weight to the allegations of corruption and backdoor dealings.

Doug Ford's actions have been likened to villainous schemes straight out of a comic book, with one commenter comparing it to something Lex Luthor would do. The move to make alcohol more accessible during his campaign is also mentioned, painting a picture of a leader more interested in short-term gains than long-term benefits for the community.

As public outcry grows, the future of the Ontario Science Centre and the integrity of those in power hang in the balance. The call for accountability and transparency has never been louder as Ontarians grapple with the implications of this controversial decision.

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Keep voting Conservative and this is what you get.


The Ford family are a blight on the Province. I cheered when his brother died, when Douggie goes, I'll straight up throw a party.


I know this is a small detail but what you say about the transit line irks me so much. These rich f***ers even grasp and understand the importance of public transit and value it adds. And yet the city and province can barely get its s*** together to build any.


Yes but Liberals bad /s


Don't forget the step about moving the science center to the old Ontario place property, itself part of an ongoing Doug Ford boondoggle!


F*** Ford and his corrupt henchmen.


You know, you could always kill your billionaires. And the people that work for them, and the people that help them achieve their schemes. Make it so dangerous to pull s*** like this and it won't happen. *shrug*


F***ing infuriating. But he says "folks" a lot, so idiots will keep voting against their (and society's) best interests.


I wish I knew more about Canadian politics, but I don't have the fortitude of will to follow our own politics anymore, much less our neighbors to the north.


Maybe Ford's home has a leaky tap, necessitating to be repurposed into a community center?

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