Beware of the Gatling Water Gun: The Ultimate Summer Toy or a Risky Gadget?

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Introducing the Gatling Water Gun, a highly talked-about gadget that has sparked both excitement and concern among enthusiasts. Dubbed with various names such as Ice Blast, Ice Burst, and Ice Explosion, this electric water gun has become the centerpiece of many heated discussions.

Featuring a water-cooled mechanism, the Gatling Water Gun promises a powerful and continuous stream, making it a hit at any summer gathering. One enthusiastic user exclaimed, "That's pretty cool," while another couldn't resist sharing a link to purchase it directly from [Ivy Nail](

However, the excitement does not come without its share of apprehensions. The device's design and functionality have raised safety concerns. One user commented, "Today on 'How to get shot by the police'.....", reflecting the potential risks associated with its realistic appearance. Another user humorously noted, "Damn, I got shot by the nearest police officer just from watching this," emphasizing the importance of caution and responsible usage.

The Gatling Water Gun has also been criticized for its reliability. A skeptical user remarked, "And I bet it works for a solid 5 min. Most of these things are sadly utter s***." Nonetheless, the allure of owning such a powerful water toy remains strong, with another user declaring, "I don't need it but, By god I want one!"

For those curious about where to purchase this intriguing gadget, it can be found on various online platforms, including [Amazon]( for approximately $130 USD.

While the Gatling Water Gun promises endless fun, it's essential to be aware of the potential dangers and handle it responsibly. As one user wisely pointed out, "It's nice and all, but please, don't buy this if you live in the US, you'll get killed by a cop."

The Gatling Water Gun is a fascinating gadget that could either make or break your summer fun. Whether it becomes a favorite toy or a risky novelty depends entirely on how it is used. So, if considering adding this to your collection, proceed with caution and enjoy responsibly!

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Can it be set up on an autotracking sentry turret? Asking for me.


Today on "How to get shot by the police".....


It seems to be sold under a variety of names: Ice Blast, Ice Burst, Ice Explosion.


It's water-cooled


That's pretty cool


Found it


See you in the emergency room


We all just wanted a fun game of water guns in the park, but then greg had to show up and be all hyper-competitive again. /s


ol' rainless


I don't need it but, By god I want one!

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