The Unforgettable Moment: Bill Watterson's Octopus Captures Scientist in Amusing Snapshot

Chloe Whisperwillow

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an octopus got hold of a camera? The internet got its answer thanks to a fascinating image shared on Imgur. The post titled "Pov" showcases a unique and humorous interaction between a marine biologist and an inquisitive octopus.

The image, which is split into two halves, features an octopus inside an aquarium tank in the top half. This clever creature is seen holding a camera with one of its tentacles. The background reveals the interior of a laboratory, complete with various tanks and scientific equipment, giving a glimpse into the daily life of a researcher.

The bottom half of the image captures a fisheye-lens photo of a man in a lab coat, glasses, and a patterned scarf, standing inside the same laboratory. This friendly-looking scientist is none other than Bill Watterson, who is famously known as the creator of the beloved comic strip "Calvin & Hobbes." The text within the image humorously explains the situation: "Tried to take some photos of an octopus, but he grabbed the camera and took some of me instead."

User comments on the post add layers of intrigue and amusement. One user asks, "A Bill Watterson or THE Bill Watterson?" while another excitedly exclaims, "Calvin & Hobbes???" The comments also delve into the intelligence of octopuses and the legal intricacies of copyright when it comes to animal-created art. Some users even reference popular culture, with one noting, "Reminds me of Children of Ruin where, spoilers, a scientist starts breeding smarter octopuses."

A particularly delightful comment highlights the whimsical nature of the photo: "Dude looks like a wacky 90's science-based kid's show." Another comment playfully questions, "Who's the scientist now?" Indeed, the octopus seems to have taken over the role of the photographer in this scenario.

This image not only provides a good laugh but also sparks conversations about the capabilities of octopuses and the intersection of science and art. Whether you are a fan of Bill Watterson, intrigued by marine biology, or simply looking for a funny anecdote, this snapshot is sure to captivate your interest.

The post, credited to user transparasite and sourced from tastefullyoffensive, has become a viral sensation, capturing the hearts and imaginations of viewers around the globe.

So next time you see an octopus, remember: you might be the one getting photographed!

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Top Comments from Imgur


Tiny octopus sees nothing wrong with this.


Calvin & Hobbes???


A Bill Watterson or THE Bill Watterson?


Oh great. Once we get octopus art they use it train AI and after the AI apocalypse then we get mecha h*****.


Fun legal fact. Depending on the circumstances, that photo can't be copyright because octopuses are not afforded copyright protections.


Dude looks like a whacky 90's science-based kid's show


According to the Supreme court these images have no copyrights because animals cannot hold copyrights.


Who's the scientist now?


Ah, a scientist type instead of the comics type. Less Calvin & Hobbes, and more Kelvin & Hobbies, if you will.


Reminds me of Children of Ruin where, spoilers, a scientist starts breeding smarter octopuses and when he tries to teach them computer games they immediately hack the entire computer system. Mind you, wildly unsecured computers is kind of a plot point in the series.

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