Incredible 150 lb Weight Loss Transformation: 2 Years Post-Op Gastric Bypass

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

The journey of weight loss is often a deeply personal and transformative experience, and one recent image on Imgur has captured this remarkable process in a side-by-side comparison that has garnered significant attention. The post, titled "2 years post-op gastric bypass! 150 lb weight loss," showcases an individual’s incredible transformation over a two-year period following gastric bypass surgery.

**A Tale of Dedication and Transformation**

On the left side of the image, the individual is seen standing in what appears to be an airport or a similar public space. They are dressed casually in a grey top and black pants, wearing glasses, and carrying a small child in a front-carrying baby harness. The child's face is obscured to maintain privacy, but the bright red package they are holding hints at a snack food or baby product.

Fast forward two years, and the right side of the image reveals a dramatic change. The individual now sports a visibly fitter and more toned physique, taking a selfie in a room adorned with geometric wall patterns in pastel colors. Dressed in a black sports bra and dark athletic leggings, they flex their left arm to showcase newfound muscles, smiling proudly at their reflection.

**Community Reactions and Support**

The transformation has sparked a flurry of comments from the community, many offering congratulations and encouragement. One user cheered, “Great work!” while another marveled at the significant change by converting the weight loss into different units, noting, “150 lb ≈ 68 kilograms or 10 stone, 10 pounds.”

Amid the praise, some users shared their own experiences and concerns related to weight loss. One individual commented, “Excess skin is what worries me about losing weight,” while another shared a success story of a friend who turned to bodybuilding and later had abdominal excess skin removed, expressing happiness with the results.

**Important Considerations Post-Surgery**

A few comments highlighted potential challenges following gastric bypass surgery. One user advised, “Watch out for nutrient absorption issues,” recounting their wife’s need for regular iron infusions post-surgery. Another user queried about the safety and effectiveness of different weight loss surgeries, asking, “You got the bypass. Just want to ask, but is everything alright after? I have been told the sleeve is a lot safer.”

**A Message of Hope and Resilience**

This inspiring image serves as a powerful testament to the dedication and resilience required to achieve such a transformation. The journey from the left side of the image to the right is not just about physical change but also about the mental and emotional fortitude necessary to embark on and sustain such a significant lifestyle shift.

For anyone considering a similar path, this story highlights the importance of community support, proper medical guidance, and a commitment to personal health and well-being. Congratulations to the individual on their incredible progress and may their story continue to inspire others on their journeys to better health.

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Top Comments from Imgur


Wait, that baby weighed 150 pounds??? Great work!


150 lb ≈ 68 kilograms or 10 stone, 10 pounds


Congrats. I hope that baby is on a healthier diet now. A kid that age should not be eating that.


Got the baby on the junk food train already?


Excess skin is what worries me about losing weight, arms and legs will be fine but the stomach will suffer


I hav a friend who’s a body builder that started out 10 plus years ago 100 lbs over ideal body weight and out of shape. Took him a few years but now he’s shaped like a body builder. Last year he had his abdominal excess skin removed and he couldn’t be happier. You go, @jaelgardiner4! ⬆️




Yeah you look great but I’d keep your skin , that sort of protects a lot of things.


Congratulations on your progress!


Great job! And what an adorable little void you have there!

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