Guelph Couple Celebrates 40 Years with Giant Sunflowers: A Love Story in Photos

Skylar Hawthorne

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a affecting display of love and dedication, a couple from Guelph, Ontario, has shared a unique way to celebrate their 40-year journey together. The man, known as The Backyard Gardener, posted a collage of two remarkable photos that capture the essence of their relationship and their love for gardening.

The first photo, taken in 1984, shows a younger version of the couple. The man, muscular and confident, stands tall in blue shorts with his then-girlfriend, Sandy, balanced on his shoulders. She wears a vibrant red bikini, smiling radiantly as they pose next to an impressively tall sunflower. The lush green garden backdrop adds to the charm of the moment, making it evident that nature has always played a significant role in their lives.

Fast forward to last year, and the second photo in the collage captures the same couple in a similar pose. Despite the passage of time, their love remains strong, as does their passion for gardening. The man, now sporting a white beard and a more relaxed physique, still carries Sandy on his shoulders. She continues to don the same red bikini, showcasing her timeless beauty and commitment to fitness. The giant sunflower stands tall beside them, symbolizing the growth and endurance of their relationship.

The photos have garnered numerous reactions from the online community. One commenter humorously noted, "White beard, beer gut, old man strength, trippy house art, giant pot plant. Yup, looks like Guelph." Another inspired gardener shared, "immediately plants sunflower seeds." The sentiment of admiration and nostalgia is echoed by many, with one user commenting, "Relationship goals! Shame the date is cut off but 40yrs you think? She has worn it well!" Another added, "Sandy sure aged well!" and "Three cheers for Sandy!"

The text accompanying the photos reads: "The Backyard Gardener is feeling blessed. I grew a giant sunflower last year, which reminded me of one I grew when I first met Sandy in 1984. First photo. I tried to impress her by getting her to stand on my shoulders, and get a photo. It must of worked she married me. The second photo is last year's sunflower and us. Growing in Guelph Ontario."

The collage not only showcases the couple's love story but also highlights their shared hobby of gardening. Their journey from the past to the present, marked by the growth of giant sunflowers, serves as a beautiful metaphor for their enduring relationship. As one commenter aptly put it, "Life and Love done right."

This touching tribute to love and nature has not only inspired many to plant sunflowers but also to cherish and celebrate the milestones in their own relationships. Guelph's beloved couple has indeed set some serious "goals AF!" for us all.

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White beard, beer gut, old man strength, trippy house art, giant pot plant. Yup, looks like Guelph.


*immediately plants sunflower seeds*


I also choose this guy's wife




Relationship goals! Shame the date is cut off but 40yrs you think? She has worn it well!


Sandy sure aged well!


Sandy put in the work and it seems that she is taking care of her health. Three cheers for Sandy!


how big does the sunflower need to be before it falls into the "tree" category




goals AF!

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