Discover the 'Gay Bar' Pastry: A Sweet Treat Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth Programs

Avery Emberly

Updated Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

An intriguing and colorful pastry has recently caught the attention of many dessert enthusiasts and supporters of LGBTQ+ causes. Aptly named the "Gay Bar," this delicious treat is making waves both for its taste and its mission. Displayed prominently in a bakery's showcase, the Gay Bar pastry features a naturally colored laminated dough topped with a vibrant rainbow-striped glaze. Each purchase contributes to a significant cause, with all proceeds going towards programs supporting 2SLGBTQQIA+ young people at local community centers.

The display case itself is a feast for the eyes. The top tray on the left side is filled with these elongated, donut-like bars, their white glaze adorned with rainbow stripes representing the diversity and inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community. Adjacent to these on the right side, are pastries resembling apple fritters, deep-fried to a perfect golden brown and covered in a caramel-colored glaze. The bottom tray features another variety of fritter-like pastries, adding to the tempting assortment.

User comments on social media have been buzzing with various reactions. One user humorously exclaimed, "Let's start a war," while another inquired, "Do ya have any money?" A particularly enthusiastic comment cited the Electric Six, suggesting the need for a tag dedicated to the band, known for its song "Gay Bar." The lyrics of the song seem to resonate with the theme, as one comment whimsically noted, "Girl! I’m going to take you to the GAY BAR."

However, not all responses were light-hearted. Some users expressed concern over the price, with one remarking, "$4.25 for a donut???" Despite this, the support for the cause is evident, as another user mentioned, "Fun fact: Q**** people under 25 are dramatically overrepresented in homeless populations. So yeah, they need the help!"

The bakery's efforts have sparked both curiosity and support. One commenter asked, "What does 'programming for young people at Spectrum' mean?" highlighting the educational aspect of the initiative. Meanwhile, another user, looking forward to an Electric Six concert, excitedly said, "I'm seeing Electric Six live in a few weeks, can't wait."

The Gay Bar pastry, beyond being a delightful treat, stands as a symbol of support and solidarity. Whether you’re a fan of sweet pastries or a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, this unique creation offers a perfect blend of both. So next time you find yourself in the bakery, consider grabbing a Gay Bar and contributing to a worthy cause.

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Let's start a war


Do ya have any money?


"It's made by gays, for gays." I'm not gay. "Our baker is very gay." I'm not. "He's in the closet still" Nope. "Very soon he will express his love for men." Not gonna happen. "There is a lot of gay happening in our bakery." This, it's just, regular normal bakery, I just make pastries back here. "Very gay."


@op, you should add a tag for the Electric Six.


Coconut glaze? Bl***. Make my gay bar pineapple glaze so it works out later


... laminated?


Girl! I’m going to take you to the GAY BAR


$4.25 for a donut???


What does "programing for young people at Spectrum" mean?


Honestly think the should have also had a Bear claw one too. Those are delicious!

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