The Humorous Comic Strip Exposing the Double Standard of B*feeding in Public

Jaxon Wildwood

Updated Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In a world where social norms and expectations often clash, the topic of b*****feeding in public remains a hot-button issue. A recent three-panel comic strip has gone viral, shedding light on the double standard surrounding this natural act. The comic strip, created by the talented artist @CARTUMANTE, humorously illustrates the absurdity of being offended by b*****feeding while turning a blind eye to other disruptive behaviors.

The first panel of the comic strip captures a serene scene on a park bench. A woman, radiating joy, is depicted b*****feeding her baby. As she nourishes her child, a small "stink line" emerges from the man sitting beside her, implying that he might have body odor. This clever visual element sets the stage for the humorous critique to follow.

In the second panel, the same man is shown looking visibly annoyed. He confronts the b*****feeding woman, drawing attention to her act of nurturing. An attention-grabbing twist appears in the form of a no-smoking-like sign, but instead of a cigarette, it features a b*****. This clever substitution implies that the man is requesting the woman to cease b*****feeding, paralleling the social taboo associated with smoking.

However, the third panel brings an unexpected reversal of fortune. Undeterred by the man's complaint, the woman continues to b*****feed her baby. In a comical turn of events, the man is shirtless and experiencing a violent sneeze. A gigantic cloud of germs sprays toward the baby and the woman, causing a humorous juxtaposition. The woman, demonstrating poise and calmness, remains unfazed by the man's actions, highlighting the disproportionate outrage surrounding b*****feeding.

The comic strip, with its astute commentary and impeccable artwork, exposes the double standard and societal attitudes toward b*****feeding in public. It cleverly emphasizes the absurdity of being offended by an act of nourishment while ignoring other disruptive behaviors. By using humor to convey its message, the comic strip creates a thought-provoking yet entertaining experience for its audience.

B*****feeding in public has long been a topic of debate, with advocates fighting for the normalization of this natural process. The comic strip by @CARTUMANTE adds a unique perspective to the conversation, encouraging viewers to challenge their preconceived notions and question the societal norms that perpetuate this double standard.

As the comic strip gains traction on social media platforms, it sparks a dialogue about the importance of supporting b*****feeding mothers and destigmatizing the act of nursing in public. By shedding light on the irrationality of being offended by b*****feeding, the comic strip urges society to prioritize understanding and empathy.

The viral comic strip created by @CARTUMANTE hilariously exposes the double standard surrounding b*****feeding in public. With its witty visuals and clever narrative, the comic strip challenges societal norms and encourages viewers to rethink their attitudes toward this natural act. Let us embrace a world where b*****feeding mothers are celebrated, and the focus shifts from misplaced discomfort to genuine support and understanding.

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I don’t know anyone that would object to nursing a child in public. Personally, I’d rather see b***s in the periphery than hear a screaming baby.


4th frame the dude has a b****.


"I'm offended because you're making me uncomfortable." I feel uncomfortable around people b*****feeding because I'm hyper worried about staring. I can deal with that. Get stronk, babby! Eat good!


I had this happen. Was nursing my babygirl in a carrier and there was nothing showing. I know, because I tested it at home, looking at a mirror. TBH other women show way more b***s with regular shirts. :-D But this couple felt the need to scolt me and really didn´t stop until they left the train a few stops further. Wish I could have done the thing in the comic. :-D


If your right eye offends you......


If I see someone that's b*****feeding or going to b*****feed I will politely move away, not because there's anything wrong with b*****feeding, but because I'm a huge perv with an overpowering attraction to b*****s.


I've only ever seen older women complain about public b*****feeding.


FYI Nursing women in the UK are protected by UK law.


Feed the babies!!! I want to look. I shouldn't look. But I want to look! But I shouldn't look.


The only time a man should complain about seeing b***s is when he has them due to his diet.

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