Unskilled Jobs: Myth or Reality? The Truth Behind the Controversial Video

Kaylee Everhart

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Have you ever come across the term "unskilled jobs"? It's a phrase that is often used to justify low wages, but is there really such a thing? A recent video on social media has sparked a heated debate about this very topic, and we're here to unravel the truth behind it.

The video in question showcases a person skillfully maneuvering boxes filled with avocados. The speed and precision at which they work is truly impressive. However, some viewers argue that labeling this job as "unskilled" is incorrect, while others believe it is an accurate description. Let's dive into the comments to see what people are saying.

One user comments, "Unskilled jobs is a propaganda term used to justify poverty wages. There is no such thing." This sentiment is echoed by many, suggesting that every job requires some level of skill and should be valued accordingly. Another user adds, "This takes some skill and experience that some people will never manage to achieve. The pay should reflect that."

On the other side of the spectrum, some viewers argue that although the job may not require prior knowledge, it is still an unskilled job. They believe that anyone could pick up the necessary skills within a few weeks. One comment reads, "It IS an unskilled job. Doesn't mean they shouldn't get a living wage, but it is unskilled. Anyone could pick that up and in a couple of weeks they'd be close to that speed, another month and they'd be at the same speed."

The debate continues with humorous comments such as, "if carpal tunnel had a video definition" and "When your left hand knows what your right hand is doing." It's clear that the video has captured people's attention, sparking both admiration and amusement.

While some argue that the job requires skill and practice, others highlight the physical demands and long hours involved. One user shares their personal experience, saying, "12 hours a day. I've done similar work and you have to make a game of it so you don't go crazy." This insight sheds light on the challenges faced by those in these types of jobs.

As the comments section unfolds, it becomes evident that the perception of "unskilled jobs" is subjective. Some believe that every job requires skills, while others argue that certain jobs can be picked up quickly by anyone. Ultimately, the debate raises questions about the value we place on different types of work and the fair compensation that should accompany it.

So, are there truly "unskilled jobs"? The answer remains elusive as opinions vary. What is clear, however, is that the video has sparked a meaningful conversation about the nature of work and the value we assign to different occupations.

Whether you believe that all labor is skilled labor or that certain jobs can be classified as unskilled, one thing is for sure – the avocado juggling video has certainly gotten people talking. It serves as a reminder that behind every job, there are individuals who work tirelessly to make our lives easier.

Next time you enjoy some guacamole, take a moment to appreciate the skill and effort that goes into getting those avocados to your table. And remember, the true value of a job is not solely determined by the label it is given, but by the individuals who dedicate themselves to it.

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Unskilled jobs is a propaganda term used to justify poverty wages. There is no such thing.


This takes some skill and experience that some people will never manage to achieve. The pay should reflect that.


I work in a large corporate environment and I can GUARANTEE a lot of unskilled people are getting paid oodles of money.


What keeps them from falling out of that giant gap in the top of the box?


if carpal tunnel had a video definition.


When your left hand knows what your right hand is doing.


I want to see her juggle


And none of them are ripe when you need them


Thank you food workers


You don't need any prior knowledge for this job so it's without qualification (not exactly " unskilled" ).

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