Outrageous Ice Cream Prices: The Cost of Living Takes a Toll

Mia Nightshade

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

Are you tired of being overcharged for simple pleasures like ice cream? Well, you're not alone. A recent viral video has shed light on the exorbitant prices of ice cream treats, leaving people shocked and outraged.

In the video, two girls express their disbelief at the price of ice cream being sold from an ice cream van. The girls are appalled to discover that two ice creams with two chewing gums cost a whopping £9. Yes, you read that right, £9 for just two ice creams! The girls can't help but express their frustration, repeatedly calling the situation "annoying" and "well bad."

The video quickly gained attention on social media, with people chiming in to share their own experiences and reactions. One user commented, "I mean, the kids got a point. 9 bucks for two pops in the vague shape of a Spongebob is highway robbery." Another user humorously compared one of the girls to the fictional character Hermione, known for her fiery personality.

The video also sparked discussions about the influence of parents on their children's behavior. One user jokingly remarked, "I can only imagine the gob on the mother. The kid gets this from somewhere!" Others found the girl's incredulity and indignation highly relatable, with one person saying, "Her incredulity just put the biggest smile on my face. I'm crying laughing... this is how I feel leaving the grocery store every time."

As the conversation continued, some users shared their own encounters with overpriced ice cream from vans. One person shared their experience of being charged £7 for a 99 Flake and walking away in disbelief. Another user reminisced about the good old days when a 99 Flake was actually priced at 99p, expressing their frustration with the current state of ice cream vans.

The video concludes with one of the girls defiantly shouting, "Yeah... bet 'e can 'ear meh!" This moment encapsulated the frustration felt by many and became a symbol of standing up against unfair pricing.

The outrageous prices of ice cream treats have left people wondering how things have come to this point. Some users blamed Magnum ice cream for starting the trend of overcharging, while others expressed their frustration with the overall state of inflation.

In the end, this video serves as a reminder that the cost of living can truly take its toll on everyday pleasures. The young girl's passionate reaction struck a chord with viewers, resonating with those who have experienced similar instances of overpricing. So the next time you find yourself faced with a ridiculously priced ice cream, remember this video and join the chorus of voices saying, "Enough is enough!"

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Top Comments from Imgur


I mean the kids got a point, 9 bucks for two pops in the vague shape of a Spongebob is highway f***in’ robbery


That's a fiery Hermione


I can only imagine the gob on the Mother. The kid gets this from somewhere!


Her incredulity just put the biggest smile on my face. I'm crying laughing....this how I feel leaving the grocery store every time, except American, Southern, and laden with profanity.


I wonder who's the dominant twin...


Her indignation is right proper.


Iz bloody mad innit?


You mean the kids talk like that, too?


Guy tried to change me £7 for a 99 Flake. I just walked off. Something wrong has happened to ice cream vans.


That shouted "Yeah...BET 'E CAN 'EAR MEH!" at the end was just perfection. You tell em, kid.

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