Millennial Dads Struggle with DIY Skills Compared to Baby Boomers: A Witty Tale Unveiled

Sophia Moonstone

Updated Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM CDT

In the ever-evolving landscape of generational differences, one topic that often sparks debates and laughter alike is the disparity in do-it-yourself (DIY) skills between millennials and baby boomers. A recent viral post on social media has once again ignited the age-old discussion, leaving netizens in splits and pondering over the question, "Dad may be able to fix the sink, but can he build a longship in the garage?"

The post, shared by the popular page "Ancient Library," features a captivating image that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the DIY struggle. The photo captures a millennial father, clad in a dark shirt and jeans, hunched over a DIY project in what appears to be his home. With a determined expression, he wields a power drill, attempting to conquer the task at hand. But what truly adds a touch of whimsy to the scene is his trusty companion, a light brown dog donning safety goggles on its head, seemingly offering a helping paw.

The accompanying caption of the post humorously highlights the perceived gap in DIY abilities between the two generations. It playfully suggests that while dads from the baby boomer generation may possess the skills to fix everyday household issues, can they truly match the ambition of building a longship in their humble garages?

As the post gained traction, it became a hotbed for humorous and thought-provoking comments from users. One user humorously quipped, "Baby boomers have pathetic blacksmithing skills compared to 9th-century Saxons." Such witty remarks served as a testament to the popularity of the post and the ongoing banter surrounding intergenerational DIY skills.

But amidst the laughter and lighthearted jabs, some users raised thought-provoking questions about the root causes of the perceived decline in DIY skills among millennials. They pondered whether the decrease in hands-on abilities can be attributed to a lack of guidance and mentorship from previous generations. Others suggested that the rise of technology and a shift towards different skill sets may have contributed to the changing landscape of DIY expertise.

While the post may have sparked a friendly rivalry between generations, it also shed light on the evolving definition of practical skills in the modern age. With advancements in technology and a shift in societal expectations, the concept of DIY has expanded beyond traditional carpentry and home repairs. From troubleshooting complex Wi-Fi routers to mastering the intricacies of smartphone setups, millennials have adapted to a new era of DIY expertise.

As the debate rages on, it is important to remember that every generation brings its unique strengths and skills to the table. Whether it's the ability to build a longship or navigate the complexities of the digital world, each generation has its own set of valuable contributions.

So, the next time you find yourself questioning the DIY prowess of millennial dads, remember the image of the determined father and his trusty four-legged assistant. They serve as a reminder that while the DIY landscape may have evolved, the spirit of perseverance and the occasional furry companion are universal, regardless of generational boundaries.

Let's embrace the humor and camaraderie that emerges from intergenerational differences in DIY skills. After all, in a world filled with power tools and power buttons, there's always room for a good laugh and the occasional helping paw.

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Top Comments from Imgur


its had to have diy home repair skills when you don't own a home


YouTube is everyone's Boomer dad. It taught me to change lightbulbs in the car, replace bathroom taps, fix a toilet, re-grout loose patio pavers and reconnect a kitchen drain. I now own plumber's putty and my sweats have been known to reveal the appropriate amount of crack when bending over.


Yeah we’re too busy actually building healthy relationships with our wives and children that we ourselves lacked as children. F*** us right?


Babies have terrible object permanence skills


I've seen the result of boomers "DIY skills" and lets just say i don't think it's something they should be bragging about.


I'm glad my father forced me to do home renos with him. Learned alot


My dad is not a handy man, I think it's partially out of laziness but whatever. I'm a girl so useful skills wouldn't have been passed onto me through him. YOUTUBE HAS LEARNED ME GOOD, partially other audacious q****s teaching me things, but the Dad, how do I? channel has helped me so much.


This generational media outrage farming is very stupid. Just like every generation, there are people who have handy skills and others who don't. And skills that become obsolete because of technology. TBH I'm noticing a lot more WOMEN with handy skills in younger generations, which is awesome. (For example, I am the handy one, my husband is not!)


I wonder how much weight is put on willingness to do the DIY vs actually having DIY skills. I feel like the difference is between having 0 knowledge and having very basic knowledge at best. But previous gen are more willing to just say f*** it and go DIY instead of paying an expert so it looks like they have more DIY skills when, in fact, most DIY is done to p*** poor quality.


Sorry, too busy working 80 hours a week for an apartment when you could work 40 for a house.

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